Personal Training

Latrobe Leisure offers a variety of personal training packages for individuals and groups.  We have both male and female trainers so you can choose someone who suits your needs and personality.

Our qualified trainers will teach you how to exercise correctly and create a tailored program to help reach your goals. Your progress will be monitored and your program will be adjusted accordingly to keep you motivated and on target.

Are you ready to get in shape?

Creating lifelong physical change is not about fad diets and fitness equipment, at Latrobe Leisure, we believe that education, structure, motivation, encouragement and support are the necessary ingredients to achieving goals in health and fitness.

What happens in a personal training (PT) session?

First time

After choosing a personal trainer you will have your first consultation session. This will involve assessing your goals and lifestyle. You will decide in consultation with your trainer how results will be measured which will depend on your goals and your personality, so that your motivation is maximised and sustainable.

Each session

You will be coached through a session designed specifically for you by your trainer, adapting constantly to suit your needs. Each time you will improve skill, fitness and learn more about healthy lifestyle and nutrition. Get ready to break barriers that may have held you back


   Single Session 10 Visit Pass 
Half hour session  $37.40  $337.00