Actively aging in open spaces

Over 55 and want to get fit?

Take up physical activity in a social and supportive environment for free.

Sessions are held at:

  • Moe - Thursday at 10am:
    Senior Citizen Centre, 45 Langford Street
  • Morwell - Thursday at 10am:
    Senior Citizen Centre, Maryvale Crescent
  • Traralgon - Friday at 9.30am:
    Monomeath Senior Citizen Centre, Victory Park

Got your medical clearance?

Participants will need to have medical clearance completed by their GP.

Join anytime! 

For more information:

At Moe: contact Jarrod Ingleman on 5135 8580 or

At Morwell and Traralgon: contact Geoff Rowe on 5128 6144 or