Information on how to pay a fine or how to appeal a fine.

Dealing with an infringement notice

If you receive a fine, you must pay or take other action by the due date. Ignoring a fine will become serious and costly. The options below are available to you if your fine is at infringement notice stage.

Options to deal with your infringement notice:

If you don’t pay

If you do not pay your fine and you ignore all reminders, the matter becomes serious and costly. The Infringements Court may issue an enforcement order and/or an infringement warrant, giving the Sheriff power to enforce that warrant.

The Sheriff can enforce an unpaid infringement warrant by:

  • the seizure and sale of your property
  • suspension of your driver licence
  • suspension of your vehicle's registration
  • non-renewal of your vehicle's registration
  • wheel clamping of your vehicle
  • your arrest 

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Penalty units

Penalty units determine the amount a person is fined when they commit an offence.

The current value of a penalty unit is $158.57.  For example if you receive a fine for an offence that carries two penalty points, the total fine is $317.14

Please note this amount is subject to change annually in July, and will be adjusted in July 2018.


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