Indigenous Employment

In partnership with Department of Education Employment Workplace Relations, the Steps to the future program was developed to improve employment opportunities in Gippsland.

The program is not limited to any particular industry or region in Gippsland and both private and public sector employers participate.

The program offers:

Pre-employment Training

  • Delivers mentoring
  • Focuses on matching skills and interest with jobs
  • Entry at different levels into a diverse range of employment

Wage Assistance

  • Financial assistance for projects which offer training leading to lasting employment opportunities
  • Tailored according to needs

Cross-Cultural Training

  • Tailored training package for employers
  • Improve cultural understanding and awareness between Indigenous and non-indigenous

Mentor and Support

  • Mentor and support to both the trainee and employer
  • Career development training to the participant
  • Advice to employers for training, budgeting and program development

For further information contact

Jo Brunt
Indigenous Employment Co-ordinator

Sharon Kingaby
Indigenous Employment Mentor