Planning Advice and Additional Help

Obtaining Written Planning Information and Advice

Latrobe City Council recognises that landowners, tenants, prospective purchasers and other people need access to information relating to planning matters.  Examples of information that are commonly required include the zoning of a property, whether a particular land use is permissible on a property and which structure plans are in place to guide future subdivision and development.

A request for statutory planning information can be requested by completing the form below, attaching any relevant supporting documentation and accompanied with the appropriate fee.  Requests can be mailed to: City Planning Department, Latrobe City Council, PO Box 264 MORWELL  VIC 3844

(Please note – this is not an application process for development approval or subdivision approval)

If you require information from the Strategic Planning or Future Planning Teams, please contact the City Planning Department on 1300 367 700,  in order to be obtain information on how to address your specific request.

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