Pools and Spas

All swimming pools and spas in Victoria capable of holding more than 300mm of water must have well maintained safety barriers around them. A swimming pool is defined as any excavation or structure containing water and used principally for swimming, wading or paddling, including a bathing or wading pool, or spa.

A dam on a rural property, water tanks, streams, rivers and ornamental ponds or fountains are not defined as swimming pools or spas. Temporary swimming pools (wading pools, toddler pools, inflatable pools and spas) not capable of containing a depth of water greater than 300mm do not require safety barriers but should be emptied after each use. Latrobe City Council’s building surveyors will carry out random audits on safety barriers.

A barrier can be a fence, wall, screen or gate. Gates and doors must self-close and latch, window openings restricted or fitted with secure screens. You can use the self assessment sheet(DOCX, 120KB) The Municipal Building Surveyor can act against people who fail to provide adequate, or maintain existing, safety barriers. Penalties may apply.

Always watch young children around water.

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