Latrobe City Councillors participate on a range of committees that have different purposes and functions.

Committees are appointed by Council and include committees such as the Latrobe City International Relations Committee, the Mathison Park Advisory Committee and the Social Planning for Wellbeing Committee.

Councillors are also appointed to external committees such as the Municipal Association of Victoria, National Timber Councils Association and the Latrobe Valley Mine Rehabilitation Advisory Committee.

Committees play a significant role in managing and maintaining Council facilities, providing opportunities for community members, organisations and community institutions to contribute to the development of Council plans and strategies by providing information, advice and feedback. In the case of external committees, committees can also providing a forum for Council views to be made known to the Government and other organisations that can impact on Latrobe City Council and the region..

Committee Delegates

At the Ordinary Council Meeting on 6 December 2016, Council appointed Councillor delegates to the various committees detailed in 2012-2016 Council Delegates and Committees Instrument(PDF, 158KB). These appointments are usually reviewed on an annual basis.