The Unsinkable Ship: A Titanic Tale of Poseidon Proportions!

Presented by The Gippsland Youth Drama Workshop

Welcome to the SS Titanic Poseidon, where the crew will do their best to make sure you have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday ... But they make no guarantees! 

Saturday 26 November | 7.30pm | Little Theatre

An eclectic group of passengers board the cruise ship the SS Titanic Poseidon, which is touted to be the fastest and most unsinkable ship ever! 

Little do the crew or passengers know what is in store for them! 

A crazy comedy adventure sending up cruise ship movies and TV, with the Youth Workshop’s own unique twists! 

A family friendly fun piece of theatre by Gippsland’s talented young people! 

Saturday 26 November

Little Theatre

Full Price $25
Access/ Child/ Concession $20

Additional Information

Duration: 90 minutes with 20 minute interval

Age: 8+


COVID Refund Policy: Ticketholders can seek a refund up to 5 days prior to any performance date they are unable to attend due to COVID isolation.