GPAC Summer Residency Program - Project Presentations

Presented by Gippsland Performing Arts Centre

Event Date 2024-02-09T05:00:00

Time, space, and technical support has given the performing artists of this year’s GPAC Summer Residency Program an opportunity to explore, develop and create new work and they would love to share their progress with you!!

Friday 9 February | 4pm | GPAC Little Theatre | Free

Friday 16 February | 4pm | GPAC Town Hall Theatre | Free

Join the audience for a public presentation of two of this year’s GPAC Summer Residency Program’s creative development projects and see what it has all been about. Held on the last day of each recipient’s residency, this is an informal presentation of the project’s progress and an opportunity for you to learn and share.

The Residency Program is an initiative that offers performing artists a supportive environment in which to develop new work, with Expressions of Interest being invited from any creative team or individual who have a project, that would benefit from the opportunity.

This summer’s projects include a song cycle, a play/musical, a multimedia movement work, a movement/dance piece, and a performance artwork. Each residency concludes with an informal presentation of their work-in-progress. In some cases, the work is not yet ready to present to the public, while other projects benefit from having an audience, and these artists seek feedback from the community.

These community Friday afternoon presentations on offer are informal, and the work is not yet finished. They might take the form of the artist using a PowerPoint presentation to explain the project, and an example of the work in development. They might involve a read through of the script, or a performance of several songs. In each case, they offer the community a chance to see how new work develops and for local performing artists, also an opportunity to develop their networks and gain insight into the creative process of other artists.

Come along and view one or both project presentations!!


Upcoming Project Presentations include:


Friday Feb 9 | 4pm | GPAC Little Theatre | Free

Genre: Play/Musical

Creative Team: Oscar O’Brien, Tristan Sicari, Meg Richardson, Henry Stephensen, Benjamin Hockley, Adam White, Lucy May Knight, Anita Mei La Terra. Music contributions from Georgia McAleer and Finlay Rennie. 

Antilton follows a struggling artist who takes a moment of inspiration too seriously and ends up creating a rip off of Hamilton, the only point of difference being the characters are ants instead of people. The play is a work-in-progress, the goal being to mount a full production in 2024.


Volcanic/Hothouse Flower

Friday February 16 | 4pm | GPAC Town Hall Theatre | Free

Genre: Multimedia, film, movement

Creative Team: Emily Dynes and Sian Kelly

Rooted in the artist’s experience as queer female creatives from, and residing in regional communities, Volcanic/Hothouse Flower aims to create a captivating theatre-based artwork that spans movement, sound, and image. Set against the backdrop of rural Australia, the work seeks to move beyond traditional dance performances by infusing narrative and emotionality to delve into themes of romance, physicality, and queerness.


Friday 9 & Friday 16 February

GPAC Little Theatre & Town Hall Theatre

All tickets FREE

Additional Information

Duration: Each performance is 60 minutes

Content Warnings: Both performances may contain sensitive content and explicit language

Recommended Age: 16+ for both performances