Quirky Comedy Workshop

Presented by Kayla Hamill in partnership with GPAC Education and Community Program

Event Date 2024-04-03T02:00:00

How would you like to learn a few secrets that only the best comics and clowns know? Let’s face it – being funny can be a serious business. It takes teamwork, listening and learning how to ‘go-with-the-flow’.

Wednesday 3 April | 1pm | GPAC Town Hall Theatre

Led by professional Clown Doctor, and funny-specialist - Kayla Hamill, this specially designed workshop is for teenagers of all abilities and social skills, the outgoing and the introverted. That’s because there’s a whole lot more to comedy than meets the eye. Comedy can be a story, a character, a situation, or a combination of all these. Everyone has something unique to offer, and through a series of carefully planned and inclusive games and activities, you’ll learn how to delight an audience, and each other, with your own brand of weirdness, generosity, adaptability, and kindness.  

The workshop concludes with a short presentation for family and friends.   

In this workshop you can expect applause, laughter, eye contact, games, character work, group, partner, and solo work. 

About Kayla Hamill:

Kayla Hamill is a performer and facilitator who runs creative workshops that help children develop confidence, social and performance skills. Recently, Kayla oversaw community outreach for the Fairfax Youth Festival, a creative arts program aimed to teach and inspire young people from rural Victoria. 

“I just love making a fool out of myself. I made my living as a clown at kids' parties for about three years.” - Hugh Jackman. 

Wednesday 3 April

GPAC Town Hall Theatre

Full Price $5
Access Price* $4.50
Group of 10+ $4.50

Additional Information

*Please note that this performance has limited capacity.*

*Access Price: Limited allocation. 

Age Restriction: No participants younger than 13 or older than 17. Adults do not accompany children unless by prior arrangement.

Duration: 120 minutes, includes 10 minute break.

COVID Policy: Ticketholders can seek a refund up to 5 days prior to any performance date they are unable to attend due to COVID isolation.