Fractured Fairytales Drama Workshop

Presented by Em Chandler in partnership with GPAC Education and Community Program

Event Date 2024-04-09T03:00:00

A fun and whimsical story-telling workshop, led by acclaimed children’s entertainer Em Chandler, designed to help children develop their imagination.  

Tuesday 9 April | 1:00pm | GPAC Town Hall Theatre

Come fracture, explore, and retell some classic fairy tales through kindness, wonder, and play! Let’s use our imaginations, blankets, chairs, and all sorts of everyday objects to make troll bridges and little pig’s houses! We can be sneaky Goldilocks and Big Bad Wolves with a colander hat or blanket cape. And what happens when we start to change the stories? Are there more than three billy goats gruff? What if they were superheros? An alien invasion, or pig fairy godmothers? Let’s find out together.  

Using a combination of imaginative play, verbal and non-verbal storytelling, music, and ‘following the leader’, participants will retell traditional fairy tales as a group, before ‘fracturing them’/pulling them apart, asking “what if…?” and letting our imaginations guide us. We’ll turn everyday objects into our set and props and work collaboratively to retell a classic fairy tale or two that won’t have been told quite that way before.   

About Em Chandler:

Em Chandler (she/they) is a lauded storyteller, magician, and theatre-maker. With over 16 years of experience working with kids and their adults, Em is a proud queer/trans artist who connects with others through kindness and wonder, bringing her unique repertoire of spells, stories and songs to intimate community events or major festivals. Passionate about social justice, fairy tales, and drinking tea, The Sydney Morning Herald calls Em "pure enchantment". 

Tuesday 9 April

GPAC Town Hall Theatre

Child Price $5
Supervising Adult Free
Access Price* $4.50
Group of 10+ $4.50

Additional Information

*Please note that this performance has limited capacity.*

*Access Price: Limited allocation. 

Age Restriction: No participants younger than 5 or older than 8 unless by arrangement. Adults accompanying children are are not required to book a ticket. 

Duration: 120 minutes, includes 10 minute break.

COVID Policy: Ticketholders can seek a refund up to 5 days prior to any performance date they are unable to attend due to COVID isolation.