Shopping Trolleys

Shopping trolleys which are not returned to their owner are considered litter. They can pose a hazard to pedestrians and road users and are unsightly in our parks and reserves. They can also have an environmental impact if they enter drains and waterways.

Report a trolley

Residents and businesses are encouraged to report abandoned trolleys in the following ways.

Snap Send Solve

Snap Send Solve is a quick and way to report an abandoned trolley without the need for a phone call or email. Just take a photo and send it to the relevant authority, or us.

Snap Send Solve, can used on your computer and mobile device.  Visit Snap Send Solve to report an abandoned trolley now, or download the app on your Android or iOS device.

Trolley Tracker

Visit TrolleyTracker or free call 1800 641 497 to report abandoned trolleys from Woolworths/Safeway, Big W or Dan Murphys. Every report to these stores goes in a draw for one of five $1,000 rewards every month!


To report an abandoned trolley, phone the relevant authority:

  • For trolleys belonging to Coles, Kmart, First Choice visit Coles Online, free call 1800 876 553
  • Coles and Woolworths/Safeway have iPhone and Android mobile phone apps to report abandoned trolleys
  • Bunnings trolleys phone 1300 554 777
  • Target trolleys phone 1800 163 900
  • For ALDI trolleys phone 8369 3000
  • Office works trolleys phone 1300 office
  • Manny’s market  trolleys, Morwell phone 51336067, Manny’s Traralgon store phone 5174 8910

We all pay

  • Customers ultimately bear the cost when retailers are forced to manage and replace abandoned trolleys.
  • Ratepayers eventually pay for managing abandoned trolleys where Council find it necessary to retrieve them from waterways, roads and other locations. 

Customers have a responsibility 

Shopping trolleys are provided as a courtesy and a service and it is actually an offence to abandon a trolley in a public place and may lead to a fine.

  • Return trolleys to the bays provided by the store
  • Use trolleys only in the immediate vicinity of the store which has provided the trolley as a service. Trolleys should not be taken outside the store/ shopping centre car park so that trolley collectors can recover them and return them for use by other customers
  • Leaving trolleys in a position where they are not at risk of being damaged or causing damage to motor vehicles or other property.

Alternatives to using a trolley

If transporting your shopping is an issue for you, then consider purchasing your own personal shopping trolley/buggy. Personal trolleys have improved in appearance and they are available from many discount variety stores from as little as $15.00. A personal trolley is very convenient for those who may not have a car and have to carry their groceries home. There are six wheel models to move up and down stairs and others with a fold down seat. Their generous storage space keeps your essentials secure but easily accessible while you’re out and about. They are good for the environment as you can do away with plastic bags.