Booked Hard Waste Collection

The next booked hard waste collection is the first week of May 2019. Bookings close Thursday 18 April.

Bookings can be made at any service centre or library.

How to book

Take two Hard or Green Waste Coupons to any service centre or library.

If you are eligible for these coupons you will receive them with your rate notice.


  • A maximum of two cubic metres of acceptable household hard waste.
  • Collections are in May and December each year.
  • You cannot pay for a booked hard waste service.

Booking kerbside hard waste collection without the coupons

You cannot book a hard waste collection without coupons. You are only be able to book by redeeming both coupons at a service centre or library.

Acceptable items

Up to two cubic metre of the following are accepted: couches, mattresses, tables, chairs, exercise equipment , bed side tables, tall boys, rugs, mats, cork tiles, TV cabinets, coffee tables (glass removed), dining tables, outdoor furniture, computer desks, curtains, blinds and fittings, luggage, toys, floating floors, vinyl, carpets and underlay ( Max 30 cm diameter X 1.5 m long), cane furniture, lamps.

Non-acceptable items

Includes: tyres, mirrors, windscreens, broken windows, excavated material, building rubble, general waste such as from building renovation or demolition, plaster and tiles on backings, general kitchen waste, wheelie bin waste, silage wrap, netting and twine, incinerator waste and ash, windows with glass. whole car bodies, engines, fuels, batteries, chemicals, oils, paint, fluorescent tubes, hazardous waste, inflammable material, asbestos, fibreglass insulation, industrial waste, gas bottles, concrete, dead animals, grass clippings, weeds and green waste.

If you are unsure if an item is acceptable phone 1300 367 700.