Traralgon to Morwell Shared Pathway project

The construction of the Traralgon to Morwell Shared Path project has now been fully funded by TAC’s Safer Cycling and Pedestrian Fund and the Federal government’s Community development fund. Total cost of the project is $4.55 million.

The project includes the original Traralgon to Morwell shared path alignment, and also two further sections. The first section starts at the Morwell Railway Station to Morwell Civic Gardens (Kernot Hall) and a second section which connects from Alexanders Road through to the Latrobe Regional Hospital.

You can view the current progress of the project in the Neighbourhood Navigator

The project will be constructed in the following key stages:

Stage 1A

Morwell Railway Station to McDonald Street Morwell – This section has been completed.

Stage 1B

McDonald Street Morwell to Kernot Hall Morwell – Pending VicTrack works approval

Stage 1C

Kernot Hall to Waterhole Creek shared path – This section is currently under construction.

Stage 2

Waterhole Creek (Crinigan Road Morwell) to Alexanders Road Morwell – This section has commenced with the high voltage power lines in Crinigan Road being put underground.

Stage 3A

Alexanders Road to Old Melbourne Road – A planning permit for this section is currently being assessed.

Stage 3B

Alexanders Road to Latrobe Regional Airport – A planning permit for this section is currently being assessed.

Stage 4

Old Melbourne Road (Western boundary of Latrobe Regional Airport) to Coonoc Road Traralgon – Construction will commence in April/May 2018

Stage 5

Old Melbourne Road (Coonoc Rd Traralgon) to Kay Street shared path – Construction will commence in April/May 2018

For further information phone Civil Works Projects 1300 367 700