School Holiday Program

How to enrol and request a booking

Before you start you will need access to your email: 

Enrol online - An enrolment form must be completed for all bookings

Autumn School Holiday Care Booking Request and Permission Form - This form is updated each program and must be completed

Once these forms have been submitted you will receive confirmation of your booking within 2 business days via email from our friendly Family Services Administration Team

For enquiries or to make a booking for your child phone Family Services Administration on 5135 8700.
Availability will be confirmed at the time of booking.


The School Holiday Program is available for primary school aged children and is located at:

Moe P.L.A.C.E
Ted Summerton Reserve 37-39 Vale Street, Moe

The program runs during the school holidays from 8am to 6pm and provides planned activities and excursions/incursions based on the children’s interests and learning opportunities. 

For further information and bookings please contact Family Services Administration Team on 5135 8700.

Autumn school holiday program

Additional activities offered every day during the program:

Tinkering table, dramatic play spaces, interactive devices, afternoon movie time, creative arts area, construction spaces, soft spaces for reading or relaxing and children will also be offered the opportunity for indoor and outdoor physical play with variety of sports equipment available.

Tuesday 3 April

  • Welcome Day Breakfast
    A tasty breakfast of freshly made pancakes and banana smoothies will be prepared by the children and facilitators to enjoy together. This will help children settle into the program and build friendships with one another.
  • WYNCITY Tenpin Bowling Excursion
    Children will enjoy a friendly game of tenpin bowling at WYNCITY Morwell (Local excursion fee applies) (Times to be confirmed)

Wednesday 4 April

  • Italian Food Fiesta
    The children will explore the food culture of Italy. Pasta and pizza cooking classes will be run to develop teamwork skills and understanding of cooking techniques.

Thursday 5 April

  • Warragul Cinema
    Children will be able to enjoy a movie and some popcorn at the Warragul Cinema. (Local excursion fee applies) (Times to be confirmed)
  • Basket and Bonnet Making / Easter Eggs Hunt
    Children will explore their creativity with basket and bonnet making. The basket and bonnets will be used later in the “Egg-citing” Easter Egg Hunt.

Friday 6 April

  • Mask Making
    The Kids will be provided with various materials to design and create personalised masks.
  • Mini World Masterpiece
    Children will have the opportunity to create and construct their own Mini-Worlds using varies materials.

Monday 9 April

  • Latrobe Art Gallery Excursion
    Kids will travel to Morwell and experience a tour of the Latrobe Art Gallery. This will help the children learn about local artists and various mediums of art. (Local excursion fee applies) (Times to be confirmed)
  • Green Thumb Fun Gardening and Growth
    The children will help create an outdoor garden together and learn the importance of sustainability.

Tuesday 10 April

  • Stadium-Based Day
    Children will enjoy the various activities on offer in the Moe P.L.A.C.E. Stadium.
  • Dress Up and Crazy Hair Day
    Children will dress up and receive a crazy hair-do to explore different creative identities.  

Wednesday 11 April

  • Stadium Based Day
    Children will enjoy the various activities on offer in the Moe P.L.A.C.E. Stadium.
  • Fabulous Fruity Fun
    Children will explore the different varieties of fruit by creating fruit kebabs and fruit artworks. This fun activity will teach the children the importance of health and nutrition. 

Thursday 12 April

  • Sale Botanic Gardens Excursions
    Children will travel to the Sale Botanic Gardens to explore the outdoor environment. The kids will have access to cameras to capture the beautiful Sale Botanic Gardens. (Local excursion fee applies) (Times to be confirmed)
  • Wind Chimes and Dream Catcher Creations
    Children will create wind chimes and dreamcatchers using varied materials. The creation of these hanging artworks will help show off the children’s creativity

Friday 13 April

  • Stadium-Based Day
    Children will enjoy the various activities on offer in the Moe P.L.A.C.E. Stadium.
  • Fossick and Find Discovering Crystals and Gems
    Children will work together to explore and discover a variety of crystals and gems in a fine sand pit.

Fees (2017/18)

The 2017/18 fees and charges are: 

  • Fee $70 per day.
    Eligible families can receive Child Care Benefit (CCB) by applying directly to the Family Assistance Office (FAO) on 13 61 50 prior to commencement of the program.
  • Excursion/Incursion Levies are $15 for incursions and local trips and $20 for trips outside Gippsland. These fees are non-CCB reducible and will be billed to your account. 

Absences and cancellations

You will be charged 100% of the fee for all absences, unless your child is unwell and you provide a medical certificate. 
Please note to make any cancellations, you must call School Holiday Program Admin on 5135 8700 and speak to our team or leave a message.

Child Care Benefit

CCB is a subsidy provided by Department of Human Services (Family Assistance Office (FAO)) to parents of children in approved care. School Holiday Program is an approved service where CCB is applicable.

Parents are required to contact the Department of Human Services - Family Assistance Office to obtain a Customer Reference Number (CRN) for each child and parent, prior to completing the School Holiday Program enrolment form. 

School Holiday Program Provider Number is: 555 011 014C.

For more information on CCB you can visit the nearest Department of Human Services FAO Office or by telephone 13 61 50 or visit

Statements and invoices

Statements and invoices are sent out after the program and payment is required within 14 days from issue date.

Payments can be made via BPAY, other options will be included on the invoice.

Overdue accounts

All outstanding account balances with Latrobe City Council must be paid in full before booking. Your booking cannot be confirmed until the outstanding account is paid.

For information regarding your account phone Accounts Receivable on 1300 367 700

Be prepared

Sun protection

Children must have a SunSmart hat, either wide brimmed or legionnaire style, for outdoor play and children will be required to applySPF30+ sunscreen before all outdoor play. Sunscreen will be available for children’s use.


Children must bring a healthy lunch and adequate snacks for morning and afternoon tea.
We recommend sandwiches, cheese, yoghurt, fruit and rice cakes or crackers. There is a fridge available for food storage.

Please do not pack nuts or nut products in your child’s snacks and lunches.

Drink bottle

Children must bring a labelled drink bottle for water.
Children are not permitted to purchase their own food or drinks from vending machines or kiosks.


All medications must be signed in at the start of each day with a medication form.

Medication must be in original packaging with child’s name and dosage clearly marked on package.

This is especially important for staff to be able to support your child’s individual needs during the program and on excursions e.g. Ventolin.

Emergency evacuation procedure

Educators and children will practice an emergency evacuation drill to follow all required procedures and processes. This includes the initial warning and steps to successfully evacuate the stadium. The children will then reflect on what 'we did well', 'what we need to do better' and program staff will evaluate this process.