School Holiday Program

How to enrol and request a booking

Before you start you will need access to your email: 

Enrol online - An enrolment form must be completed for all bookings

Autumn School Holiday Care Booking Request and Permission Form - This form is updated each program and must be completed

Once these forms have been submitted you will receive confirmation of your booking within two business days via email from our friendly Family Services Administration Team

For enquiries phone Family Services Administration on 5135 8700.

Availability will be confirmed at the time of booking.


The School Holiday Program is available for primary school aged children and is located at:

Moe P.L.A.C.E
Ted Summerton Reserve 37-39 Vale Street, Moe

The program runs during the school holidays from 8am to 6pm and provides planned activities and excursions/incursions based on the children’s interests and learning opportunities. 

For further information please contact Family Services Administration Team on 5135 8700.

Autumn School Holiday Program

Additional activities offered every day during the program:

  • Schoolies Room: Technology, dramatic play, construction space & music and movement
  • Stadium & Outdoor Areas: Stadium and oval sports (such as basketball, table tennis, soccer), swings, climbing frames, sandpit, mud pit & gardening.
  • Retreat Room: Conversation and reading space, including personal space pods & sensory spaces.
  • Creative Arts Room: Painting, drawing, and other art experiences.

Monday 8 April

  • Welcome Back Breakfast
    Prepare and enjoy yummy fresh pancakes with a selection of spreads including blueberries, ice cream and maple syrup as we get to know all our friends within the program.
  • Dominos in the Stadium
    Together as a team we will research and create amazing domino runs and mazes using a variety of materials in the stadium which will stay for the holidays to build on and further extend each day.

Tuesday 9 April

  • Swimming at the Moe/Newborough Leisure Centre
    Enjoy a trip down to the local pool for a fun splash in the water.
  • Pirate Treasure Hunt
    Together we can create pirate maps and design our own treasure hunt for our friends to find jewels and treasures locked away in secret places, along with making pirate hats out of newspaper and lots more.

Wednesday 10 April

  • WYNCITY Excursion
    We will enjoy bowling and a yummy lunch along with lots of fun arcade games at WYNCITY, Morwell.
  • Rag Doll Creations
    Make your very own beautiful rag doll using strips of material to create a doll all of your very own.

Thursday 11 April

  • Cultural Dress-Up and Cooking Day
    Let’s dress up in cultural outfits and clothing while baking South Sudan cookies. This fun and engaging experience gives us the opportunity to discover more about the world we live in. 
  • S.T.E.A.M. Egg Dying
    Linking science, arts and mathematics together in a fun egg dying activity using natural dyes found in beetroot, red onions, turmeric and blueberries.

Friday 12 April

  • Subway Lunch Date Excursion
    Let’s travel to Warragul to enjoy a lunch date together at Subway. Children can create their very own subway lunch with a drink and a cookie of their choice whilst learning about the importance of heathy eating and making heathy choices on a fun and social excursion within our local community before heading off to the movies.
  • Warragul Cinemas Excursion
    Enjoy a movie at Warragul Cinemas with your choice of popcorn, chips, water or lemonade. (Movie TBC)

Monday 15 April

  • Carrot Cake Creations
    We’ll enjoy some baking fun in the kitchen making individual carrot cakes with delicious creamy icing and lots of fun decoration.
  • Warragul Cinemas Excursion
    Enjoy a movie at Warragul Cinemas with your choice of popcorn, chips, water or lemonade. (Movie TBC)

Tuesday 16 April

  • STEM Day – Shelter Building Incursion
    Test your survival skills by working in teams to create shelters using tarps and bamboo sticks that withstand the harshest elements! 
  • STEM Day – Billy Cart Bonanza Incursion
    Build then race in this skilful, energetic trip down memory lane. Children learn to build using tools and materials followed by racing real billy carts and testing their agility as drivers in a crazy Billy Cart course.

Wednesday 17 April

  • Build-a-Easter Bear Incursion
    Make your own Easter bunny with five styles to choose from along with a special egg and bow to match your beautiful handmade bunny.
  • Easter Face Painting Fun
    Children will be invited to choose from a variety of Easter designs which include bunnies, chicks and eggs to be face painted along with templates for the children to design so they can paint their very own face creations which we can photograph to take home to share with our family.

Thursday 18 April

  • Easter Bonnet Parade and Basket Making
    Create your very own basket and Easter bonnet for our fun afternoon Easter egg hunt.
  • Easter Egg Hunt
    Enjoy a fun and exciting Easter egg hunt in the local primary school for lots of yummy ester eggs to enjoy with friends.

Friday 19 April

No School Holiday Program running due to Public Holiday

Fees 2018/2019

The 2018/2019 fees and charges are:

  • Fee $72 per day.
  • Eligible families can receive Child Care Subsidy (CCS) by applying directly to the Family Assistance Office (FAO) on 13 61 50 prior to commencement of the program.
  • Excursion/Incursion Levies are an additional $15 for local trips and $20 for trips outside Gippsland. These fees are non-CCS reducible and will be billed to your account.

Absences and cancellations

You will be charged 100% of the fee for all absences, unless your child is unwell and you provide a medical certificate. 

Please note to make any cancellations, you must call School Holiday Program Admin on 5135 8700 and speak to our team or leave a message.

Child Care Subsidy & Accepting the Complying Written Agreement

CCS is a subsidy provided by Department of Human Services (Family Assistance Office (FAO)) to parents of children in approved care. School Holiday Program is an approved service where CCS is applicable.

Parents are required to contact the Department of Human Services - Family Assistance Office to obtain a Customer Reference Number (CRN) for each child and parent, prior to completing the School Holiday Program enrolment form. 

Before you can receive the Child Care Subsidy (CCS), you will need to login to your Xplor account in a Google chrome web browser and accept the Complying Written Arrangement (CWA) which will then send your child’s bookings to your MyGov app for approval through Centrelink so  that the CCS can be applied.

Families new to the School Holiday Program will receive an email to create a password for their Xplor account and we will send you step by step instruction on how to accept the CWA in your booking confirmation email.

Families who have used the Program in January 2019 will still have access to their Xplor account and will need to accept the new CWA from a Google chrome web browser before commencement of the program to ensure you receive the CCS.

School Holiday Program Provider Number is: 555 011 014C.

For more information on CCS you can visit the nearest Department of Human Services FAO Office or by telephone 13 61 50 or visit

Statements and invoices

Statements and invoices are sent out after the program and payment is required within 14 days from issue date.

Payments can be made via BPAY, other options will be included on the invoice.

Overdue accounts

All outstanding account balances with Latrobe City Council must be paid in full before booking. Your booking cannot be confirmed until the outstanding account is paid.

For information regarding your account phone Accounts Receivable on 1300 367 700

Be prepared

Sun protection

Children must have a SunSmart hat, either wide brimmed or legionnaire style, for outdoor play and children will be required to applySPF30+ sunscreen before all outdoor play. Sunscreen will be available for children’s use.


Children must bring a healthy lunch and adequate snacks for morning and afternoon tea.
We recommend sandwiches, cheese, yoghurt, fruit and rice cakes or crackers. There is a fridge available for food storage.

Please refrain from packing nuts or nut products and eggs in your child’s snacks and lunches.

Drink bottle

Children must bring a labelled drink bottle for water.
Children are not permitted to purchase their own food or drinks from vending machines or kiosks.


All medications must be signed in at the start of each day with a medication form.

Medication must be in original packaging with child’s name and dosage clearly marked on package.

This is especially important for staff to be able to support your child’s individual needs during the program and on excursions e.g. Ventolin.

Emergency evacuation procedure

Educators and children will practice an emergency evacuation drill to follow all required procedures and processes. This includes the initial warning and steps to successfully evacuate the stadium. The children will then reflect on what 'we did well', 'what we need to do better' and program staff will evaluate this process.