Pet Registration

All cats and dogs aged 3 months and over must be registered.

Dogs or cats cannot be registered unless they are microchipped and desexed (proof must be provided).  

This includes dogs and cats moving into the municipality from another council.

Renewing pet registration

All dogs and cats must be microchipped (proof required) when renewing an existing registration. Registration fees are due by 10 April each year.

Latrobe City now has renewable lifetime tags. This means that you will not receive a new tag every year with your animal registration reminder.

If your tag is lost or damaged you can buy a new one for $3.20.

Registration fees


Description Fee Pensioner Concession Fee 
(health care card not accepted)
Desexed/microchipped (first time registration) $40 $20 
Microchipped cat kept for breeding by the proprietor of a domestic animal business conducted on a registered premises $40 $20 
Microchipped cat registered with an applicable organisation: Feline Control Council (Victoria) or Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Australia and Victoria Inc., Australian National Cats inc, Cats Victoria. or any successor in law of one of those associations or breed society approved by Council. $40 $20 
Microchipped cat (renewal only) $40 $20 
Domestic animal business conducted on registered premises $215 No concession entitlement 


Description  Fee  Pensioner Concession Fee 
(healthcare card not accpeted)
Desexed and microchipped dog (first time registration) $40 $20 
Microchipped dog kept for breeding by the proprietor of a domestic animal business conducted on a registered premises $40 $20
Microchipped dog registered with an applicable organisation such as Dogs Victoria $40 $20 
Microchipped dog (renewal only) $40 $20 
Microchipped restricted breed, menacing, declared dangerous dogs $123 maximum No concession entitlements 


Pensioner concession

Current Centrelink Pensioner Concession cardholders are eligible for a 50% discount off dog/cat registration fees(s). Present your current card when paying. Holders of healthcare cards are not eligible for this discount.

State government levy

The state government levy of $3.50 for dog registration and $2 for cat registration, is primarily used to fund responsible pet ownership educational programs.

Unregistered pet fines

 Offence  Fine
Registered cat or dog not wearing council identification marker $79 
Unregistered dog or cat wearing council identification marker $79
Person removing, altering or defacing identification marker $79
Dog or cat on private property after notice served $79
Cat at large or not securely confined in restrictive district $79
Dog or cat creating a nuisance $79
Dog or cat in a prohibited place $159
Greyhound not adequately muzzled or not controlled by chain, cord or leash $238
Not complying with notice to abate nuisance $238
Dog at large or not securely confined at daytime $238
Dog at large or not securely confined at night $317
Failure to apply to register a dog or cat $317


If the owner is a minor, the owner's parent or guardian is responsible for the dog/cat. proof of sterilisation/microchip and/or Dogs Victoria/Feline Control Council is required. If unavailable a statutory declaration from your vet or applicable association is required.

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