Sister Cities

Since 2000, Latrobe City Council has committed to an International Relations Program for our community, for the purpose of international exchange and cooperation in the fields of economy, trade, science and technology, cultural exchange, education, sports, health and people.

Whilst the Latrobe City International Relations Plan has a specific focus on the development of our existing Sister City relationships with  Takasago, Japan and Taizhou, China for the benefit of our city; there has also been and will continue to be, a wide range of activities engaging our community through Latrobe City Council’s broader International Relations Program, aimed at maintaining social harmony, enriching cultural life and generating continued prosperity. 

Sister Cities

We have established and managed formal Sister City Relationships with Takasago City, Japan and the City of Taizhou, China. From these relationships we gain a deeper understanding of each other's culture, traditions, society and people. 

Latrobe City International Relations Plan

The Latrobe City International Relations Plan 2011-2014(PDF, 2MB) utilises the past achievements and experiences and provides guidance on how we can continually contribute to the ongoing education for the community, by meeting the goals of National and State Governments.  Our international relationships have matured and now present further opportunities to realise the true benefits for individuals, the community and the region. 

International Relations Committee

Since 2000, we have facilitated an International Relations Committee comprising of Councillors, Council officers, key industry stakeholders and members of the community.

Sister Schools Relationships

Latrobe City is currently working with and will continue to support local educational institutions maintain, develop and establish Sister School Relationships  with schools in our Sister Cities and beyond.

Sister Cities Australia

Latrobe City Council supports the establishment of formal relationships between cities throughout the world, under the auspices of the Sister Cities movement. We are an active member of Sister Cities Australia and endorse the association’s aims and objectives. Latrobe City’s Sister Cities program is highly regarded both nationally and internationally and this has been demonstrated through a number of National Awards.

  • 2003 Best Display Award
  • 2004 Youth Project Award
  • 2004 Community Involvment Award
  • 2005 Hosted the Sister City Conference
  • 2006 Best Display Award
  • 2007 Commerce/Industry Award
  • 2008 Youth Project Award
  • 2008 Bet Display Award
  • 2010 Best Overall Program Award

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