Fire Restrictions and Permit to Burn

Current conditions

Fire restrictions are in place from Monday 4 December. The Fire Danger Period has been declared.

No permits to burn will be issued by Council until the restrictions are lifted.

The Country Fire Authority declares the Fire Danger Period for each municipality (shire or council) at different times in the lead up to the fire season. It depends on the amount of rain, grassland curing rate and other local conditions.

The Fire Danger Period may be declared as early as October in some municipalities, and typically remains in place until the fire danger lessens, which could be as late as May.

Fire Danger Period is not the same as Total Fire Ban days.  To find out more information visit the CFA website.

Permits to burn/burning off

The Fire Danger Period commenced for the Latrobe City Council area at 1am on  the 4 December 2017. No permits to burn will be issued during this time.


The use of incinerators is banned within the municipality of Latrobe City Council.

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