Emergency Management

Municipal Emergency Management Plan

The priority in an emergency is to provide timely support to the affected community and to ensure the social and economic impact is minimised. We have prepared a Municipal Emergency Management Plan(PDF, 1MB) in accordance with the requirements of the Emergency Management Act 1986.

Community Action Plans Project

Latrobe City Council is working with each of its small town communities to implement a Local Emergency Action Plan (LEAP).
These plans are developed by the community for the community and are based on local knowledge about people, history, potential risks, vulnerability, infrastructure and services.

The purpose of a LEAP is to:

  • provide individuals, families and communities with information, skills and key contacts for developing their own approach to emergency planning
  • resource communities to enable good decision-making in an emergency by strengthening community involvement
  • provide a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of emergency management agencies and organisations
  • recognise that the impact of a disaster is complex and dealing with loss and trauma is difficult.

Each plan is recognised within Latrobe City Council’s Municipal Emergency Management Plan.

LEAPS have been prepared by community groups for:

Currently, LEAPs are being developed for Tyers and Cowwarr (in conjunction with Wellington Shire Council).Council is planning to work with representatives from Yallourn and Yallourn North, Glengarry and Toongabbie to develop a LEAP for each of these communities.

For more information about developing a LEAP for your community, please read the LEAP flyer(PDF, 1MB) and Fact Sheet(PDF, 2MB), then contact Deb Brown at Latrobe City Council on 5128 5775 or email Deb.Brown@latrobe.vic.gov.au

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