Air Quality

Jeeralang Hill Station
Jeeralang Hill-Station 2Rosedale South

Why is air monitoring important?

Air monitoring helps to evaluate the status of the atmosphere and provides air quality information to regulators, scientists, industry, and the public. The monitoring data can be used to assess trends in air quality, and to assess the impact of pollution generated by various activities. Air monitoring can also help businesses to demonstrate compliance with certain regulatory requirements in their operating permits, as well as providing useful information to the business operators so that corrective action can be taken if necessary.

The Latrobe Valley Air Monitoring Network

Since it was established in 1977 the Network has gathered meteorological data at six sites and monitored air quality at some 30 sites throughout the Valley. The current configuration of the Network consists of four core air monitoring stations, one seasonal ozone monitoring station and an acoustic sounder. The Network’s air quality monitoring data is made available to the public via a website which is currently being re-designed. A link to the website will be provided here once it becomes available.

Contributors to the Network include the GDF SUEZ Australian Energy Loy Yang B, International Power Hazelwood, Loy Yang Power, Energy Australia Yallourn, Energy Brix Australia, Mercus, Ecogen Jeeralang, Snowy Hydro Valley Power, and Australian Paper.

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