Airport Development

We have a commercial-industrial precinct offering 40 serviced allotments with direct taxiway access to the main runway. Lots can be tailored to suit individual requirements of new businesses looking for a regional operation close to Melbourne.

The continued development and growth of Latrobe Regional Airport will create further opportunities for aviation-related businesses to establish and expand. Find out more about the Latrobe Regional Airport development.

Latrobe Regional Airport Master Plan

The Latrobe Regional Airport Master Plan reviews the existing land use and development opportunities for the airport and surrounding areas until 2035.

The Master Plan 2014 will provide the vision and direction for Airport development into the future.


Latrobe City Council can assist with investment facilitation support services, simply contact Neil Cooper, General Manager, Latrobe Regional Airport on (03) 5174 4702 or 0409 436 287 to find out more about investing at Latrobe Regional Airport.

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