Multi Dwellings Planning Permit Application Checklist

A planning permit is required to develop more than one dwelling on land. Before you start, the following information should be confirmed with a Council Planner:

  • If a planning permit* is required
  • If other planning controls or conditions apply
  • If an application can be made under VicSmart*

If a planning permit is required, a planning permit application must be lodged with Council for assessment and accompanied with the following information:

Forms, fees and documents

  • Completed Planning Permit Application form
  • Paid Planning Permit Application fee
  • Copy of title dated not more than 60 days old including:
    • Plan of Subdivision or Title Plan
    • Restrictive Covenants (if any)
    • Section 173 Agreements (if any)


  • Three copies of plans including (but not limited to):
    • Drawn to scale
    • One A3 size copy
  • Site Plan including:
    • North point
    • Boundaries and dimensions of the site
    • Existing or proposed easements and services
    • Adjoining roads
    • Relevant ground levels including earthworks (cut and fill)
    • Location and layout of existing and proposed buildings and works including setbacks to boundaries
    • Location and use of buildings and works on adjoining land
    • All existing and proposed fences including location, height and materials
    • All existing and proposed access points, driveways, car parking, bicycle parking and loading areas including dimensions and surface materials
    • Garden area and dimensions. See Garden Area Requirement Checklist
    • Existing and proposed landscape areas
    • Garbage and recycling disposal and storage
    • Wastewater treatment areas
  • Floor Plan including:
    • North point
    • Existing and proposed building layout including dimensions and floor areas
    • Air conditioning units
  • Elevation Plan including:
    • Maximum height of buildings and works from natural ground level
    • Doors and windows
    • Colours and materials of buildings and fences
  • Shadow diagrams*
  • Overlooking diagrams*

Other requirements (confirm if required with Council Statutory Planner)

  • Clause 55 assessment (ResCode)*
  • Planning Report including a response to:
    • Relevant zone
    • Relevant overlays
    • Relevant state and local planning policy
    • Relevant particular provisions
  • Feature Survey prepared by a qualified Land Surveyor
    • If subdivision is proposed, see Subdivision checklist
    • Carparking Demand Assessment and Traffic Impact Assessment by a qualified Traffic Engineer
    • Bushfire Management Plan
    • Cultural Heritage Management Plan
    • Waste water treatment details including:
  • Description of existing and/or proposed waste water treatment
  • Waste water treatment in accordance with the Guidelines for Environmental Management: Code of Practice – Onsite Wastewater Management, Publication 891.4, Environment Protection Authority, 2016
    • Other site conditions may apply
    • Other requirements may apply i.e. VicRoads, relevant water authority, CFA
    • Any relevant correspondence from other agencies

Terms explained

Clause 55 assessment (ResCode)
In Victoria the development of two or more dwellings on a lot and residential buildings in Victoria must be assessed in accordance with Clause 55 of the Planning Scheme, or commonly known as ResCode, and includes:

  • objectives that must be met
  • standards that should be met
  • decision guidelines

A ResCode report is only required in urban areas and does not apply to rural land. More information about ResCode is available at the following link:

Visit the Vic Planning website for more information

Habitable room
Any room of a dwelling or residential building other than a bathroom, laundry, toilet, pantry, walk-in wardrobe, corridor, stair, lobby, photographic darkroom, clothes drying room and other space of a specialised nature occupied neither frequently nor for extended periods.

Overlooking diagrams
A habitable room* window, balcony, terrace, deck or patio should be located and designed to avoid direct views into the secluded private open space* and habitable room windows of an existing dwelling. Architects and building designers can prepare overlooking diagrams.

Planning covers a broad range of issues, but is essentially about the control of the construction, growth and development of towns, cities and urban areas.

Visit the Vic Planning website for more information

Planning Permit
A planning permit is a legal document that allows a certain use and/or development on land. A planning permit is not a building permit. You may need to obtain both a building permit and a planning permit.
Visit the Vic Planning website for more information

Planning Scheme
Under Victoria's planning system, local councils and the State Government develop planning schemes to control land use and development. They contain planning policies, zones, overlays and other provisions that affect how land can be used and developed.

Private Open Space
An outdoor area of a dwelling or residential building or land for the exclusive use of the occupants.

Shadow diagrams
A shadow diagram shows is how long a shadow will be cast from the proposed building or extension. councils are looking for with the overshadowing is if private open spaces such as backyards are being overshadowed, light courts, solar panels on neighbouring properties and also sunlight being blocked from habitable room windows. Architects and building designers can prepare shadow diagrams.

VicSmart is a streamlined assessment process for straightforward planning permit applications. Key features of VicSmart include:

  • a 10 day permit process
  • applications are not advertised
  • information to be submitted with an application and what council can consider is pre-set
  • the Chief Executive Officer of the council or delegate decides the application.

Visit the Vic Planning website for more information


Planning permit applications may be lodged by:

  • post:
    Statutory Planning                                
    Latrobe City Council                             
    PO Box 264                                         
    MORWELL VIC 3844                           
  • in person:
    Latrobe City Corporate Headquarters
    141 Commercial Road, Morwell


This checklist is a trial undergoing review by May 2018. Feedback on the checklist to Council is welcome. The checklist has been prepared to assist with the satisfactory information required to be submitted with a planning application. An initial assessment will be undertaken upon receipt of the application to ensure that the information is satisfactory in accordance with the Planning Scheme and Planning and Environment Act 1987 (Victoria). Please note that additional information may be required after the completion of the initial assessment. This publication may be of assistance to you but the State of Victoria and Local government authorities (Latrobe City, Baw Baw Shire, Wellington Shire) and its employees do not guarantee that the publication is without flaw of any kind or is wholly appropriate for your particular purposes and therefore disclaims all liability for any error, loss or other consequence which may arise from you relying on any information in this publication.