Recreation Projects

Recreations plans

Drinking fountain installations

Latrobe City Council has obtained a grant from Latrobe Valley Health and Innovation Zone to install a number of new water drinking fountains.

These fountains will be placed in high use and much needed areas of Latrobe City.  The fountains will be accompanied by drink bottle filling capabilities as well as a dog bowl, in a push to encourage the community to drink more water whilst being active.

In the coming months new fountains will be installed in the following locations:

  • Churchill – Georgina Place
  • Moe – Apex Park
  • Morwell – Bus Station
  • Toongabbie – Main store
  • Traralgon – Kay  Street Shared Path
  • Traralgon – Newman Park
  • Traralgon – Rod Dunbar Park
  • Traralgon CBD – Cnr Post Office Place
  • Traralgon South – CATS Drive
  • Tyers – Main Road Park
  • Yallourn North – Lion’s Park
  • Yinnar – Centenary Park 

For further information email Kat Marshall, Recreation & Open Space Development Officer on or phone 5128 5409 

Wayfinding plan

Latrobe City Council has a diverse range of tracks, trails and paths within the municipality. 

In 2016, Latrobe City Council completed a Tracks Trails and Paths Strategy which made a number of recommendations, including the development of a wayfinding plan, building upon network maps.

A wayfinding plan as recommended in the Tracks Trails and Paths Strategy will be developed. The plan will identify the type of wayfinding signage required, a hierarchy system to assist in determining priorities and a five year action plan and associated costs for the signage.

For further information email Kat Marshall, Recreation & Open Space Development Officer on or phone 5128 5409 

Play Space Improvement Plan 2016-2021

Latrobe City Council (LCC) is currently in year two of the LCC Play Space Improvement Plan 2016-2021. The plan identifies improvements for play spaces which includes new equipment, tree planting and general landscape improvements to improve appearance, access and play value.

The following play spaces are planned for 2018/19:

  • Savige Street Reserve – Morwell
  • Hugh Court Park – Traralgon
  • Priestly Park, McDonald Court – Traralgon
  • Think Big Reserve, Tulloch Way – Traralgon
  • Downs Reserve, Cross’s Road – Traralgon
  • Randall Crescent Reserve – Moe
  • Bayley Street Reserve – Moe
  • Walkley Park, Williams Avenue – Churchill
  • TB Drew Park, Cemetery Road – Moe
  • Lions Park, Reserve Street – Yallourn North
  • Limonite Road Reserve – Boolarra
  • Alfred Drive Reserve - Yinnar

For further information email Cam Juha, Recreation & Open Space Development Officer on or phone 5128 5409 

Mathison Park Management Plan Review

Latrobe City and the Mathison Park Advisory Committee are currently undertaking a review of the existing management plan for Mathison Park in Churchill, which was developed in 2002.

The purpose of this project is to identify and review completed and outstanding projects.  It will also identify new priorities that may have arisen from the site, and determine responsibilities for both Council and the Committee.

Latrobe City will be looking to engage with the community regarding their aspirations for the space in March 2018.

For further information email Kat Marshall, Recreation & Open Space Development Officer on or phone 5128 5409 

Recreation Needs Assessment and Recreation Infrastructure Policy

In November 2017, Latrobe City Council endorsed the Recreation Needs Assessment and Recreation Infrastructure Policy.

Latrobe City Council has a diverse range of recreation facilities across the municipality.  All Council owned/managed facilities have been subject to detailed planning studies, including township and site specific master plan reviews.

The Recreation Needs Assessment now provides Council with a clear, objective direction and measurement on the prioritisation of recreation projects for the coming years. The Recreation Infrastructure Policy clearly outlines what Council will and won’t fund in terms of recreation infrastructure.  

If you would like any further information on the Recreation Needs Assessment(PDF, 17MB) or Recreation Infrastructure Policy  email Karen Tsebelis, Coordinator Recreation & Open Space on or phone 5128 5483.

Traralgon to Morwell Shared Pathway project

The construction of the Traralgon to Morwell Shared Path project has now been fully funded by TAC’s Safer Cycling and Pedestrian Fund and the Federal government’s Community development fund. Total cost of the project is $4.55 million.

The project includes the original Traralgon to Morwell shared path alignment, and also two further sections. The first section starts at the Morwell Railway Station to Morwell Civic Gardens (Kernot Hall) and a second section which connects from Alexanders Road through to the Latrobe Regional Hospital.

The project will be constructed in the following key stages:

Stage 1a – Morwell Railway Station to McDonald Street Morwell – This section has been completed.

Stage 1b – McDonald Street Morwell to Kernot Hall Morwell – Pending VicTrack works approval

Stage 1c – Kernot Hall to Waterhole Creek shared path – This section is currently under construction.

Stage 2 – Waterhole Creek (Crinigan Road Morwell) to Alexanders Road Morwell – This section has commenced with the high voltage power lines in Crinigan Road being put underground.

Stage 3a – Alexanders Road to Old Melbourne Road – A planning permit for this section is currently being assessed.

Stage 3b – Alexanders Road to Latrobe Regional Airport – A planning permit for this section is currently being assessed.

Stage 4 – Old Melbourne Road (Western boundary of Latrobe Regional Airport) to Coonoc Road Traralgon – Construction will commence in April/May 2018

Stage 5 – Old Melbourne Road (Coonoc Rd Traralgon) to Kay Street shared path – Construction will commence in April/May 2018

For further information email Karen Tsebelis, Coordinator Recreation and Open Space on or phone 5128 5483.