Organisation Structure

Image of Steven Piasente, General Manager, Community Infrastructure & Recreation

Steven Piasente

Chief Executive Officer 

Kate Kerslake

Acting General Manager, Community Services

  • Community Resilience
  • Community Development
  • Communications and Customer Relations
  • Aged and Disability
  • Family Services

Image of Greg Drumm, General Manager Corporate Services

Gregory Drumm

General Manager, Corporate Services

  • Finance
  • Information Services
  • Governance
  • Performance and Innovation
  • People and Culture


Image of Gail Gatt, General Manager City Development

Gail Gatt

General Manager, City Development

  • Economic Development
  • Arts and Events
  • Statutory Planning and Municipal Services
  • Future Planning

Larry Sengstock

Acting General Manager, Infrastructure and Recreation

  • Recreation
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Infrastructure Operations and Waste