Proposed Reports for the upcoming Council Meeting

The next Ordinary Council Meeting will be held in the Nambur Wariga Meeting Room, Corporate Headquarters, Morwell at 6pm on Monday 4 June 2018.

Items proposed to be listed on the agenda include:

Item open to the public

  • Items Held Over
  • Adoption of 2018/19 Budget, 2018-2022 Strategic Resource Plan, Rating Strategy 2018/19 and Declaration of 2018/19 Rates & Charges.
  • Use and Development of land with an Office and
  • Reduction of Car Parking Requirements
  • Use and Development of Land for Industry (Private Asbestos Disposal)
  • Strength-Led Transition 2.0
  • Council Position on Rehabilitation of Hazelwood Mine
  • Fenced Off Leash Dog Parks
  • Infrastructure Design Manual - Endorsement
  • Bridges and Major Culverts Asset Management Plan 2018 for Adoption
  • Carpark Asset Management Plan 2017 for Adoption
  • Building Asset Management Plan 2018 for Adoption
  • Kath Teychenne Centre - Potential Latrobe Valley Authority Funding Application
  • Moe Bus Routes and Parking Review
  • Hyland Highway Landfill Extension
  • Hard Waste Coupon Program
  • 2017/18 Outdoor Pool Season Review
  • Kingsford Reserve Community Consultation
  • Township Entry Signs
  • Review of Latrobe City Garden Competition 2017
  • Council Plan 2017-2021 - Annual Review
  • 2018/19 Community Grants Program
  • Lease - Airlie Bank Homestead, Morwell
  • Finance Report - March 2018
  • Contract Variations and Contracts Awarded by the Chief Executive Officer for the period 1 October 2017 to 31 March 2018
  • Tabling of 'Assembly of Councillors' Records

Item Closed to the Public

  • Changes to Aged & Disability Services - Implementation of wait list
  • Delegation to CEO to Award Various Contracts up to Contract Budget
  • LCC-465 Latrobe Leisure Stadiums Evaporative Cooling
  • Proposed Lease - Cafe Stellina (The Star Hotel), Peterkin Street, Traralgon
  • Expression of Interest for the Design and Construction of LCC-469 Gippsland Regional Aquatic Centre and LCC-473 of Traralgon Sports Stadium