Proposed Reports for the upcoming Council Meeting

The next Special Council Meeting will be held in the Nambur Wariga Meeting Room, Corporate Headquarters, Morwell at 6:00 pm on Monday, 3 December 2018.

Items proposed to be listed on the agenda include:

Items Open to the Public

  • Adoption of Minutes 
  • Acknowledgements
  • Public Question Time
  • Items Held Over For Report And/Or Consideration/Questions on Notice
  • Notices Of Motion
  • Items Referred By The Council To This Meeting For Consideration:
  • Events and Tourism Strategy: Draft Action Plan and Proposals for Tourism and Major Events Advisory Committee and Major Events Selection and Funding Framework 
  • Endorsement of GROW Gippsland Action Plan 
  • 2017/18 Annual Report for Development Contribution Plans
  • 2018 Recreation Needs Assessment - Priority Projects for 2019/20 
  • Traralgon Railway Reservoir Conservation Reserve - Endorsement of funding application to the Latrobe Valley Authority
  • Hazelwood Pondage Caravan Park
  • Latrobe Creative Precinct Proposed Removal of Vegetation 
  • Proposed Removal of Trees at Ted Summerton Reserve, Moe
  • Regional Roads Victoria Maintenance Agreement
  • Options to Address Dust and Amenity issues Black Tank Road and Railway Avenue, Glengarry
  • Moe CBD Safety Audit & CCTV Feasibility Study
  • Proposed 2019 Council Meeting Dates
  • Appointment of Councillor Delegates to Committees
  • Council Committee Review - Appointment of Committee Members
  • Online Submission of Petitions
  • Proposed Public Highway Declarations - Morwell Central Business District
  • Fair Go Rates System - Rate Cap Variation 2019/20
  • Accumulated Cash Surplus - Surplus Allocation 2018/19
  • Finance Report - September 2018
  • Tabling of 'Assembly of Councillors' Records

Items Closed to the Public

  • Business Case Support for Loan Applications for Gippsland Regional Aquatic Centre and Traralgon Sports Stadium 
  • LCC-424 Provision of Plant Hire Services
  • LCC-503 and LCC-531 Supply and Delivery of Kiosk Products to Latrobe Leisure Facilities 
  • LCC-518 Blackspot Upgrade of Haunted Hills Road at Newborough 
  • LCC-529 Latrobe Creative Precinct Construction Tender Update 
  • Latrobe Creative Precinct Project Update 
  • Update - Renewal of the Moe Racing Club Long Term Lease 
  • 2018 Sporting Hall of Fame Inductions 
  • 2019 Australia Day Awards Nominations 
  • Interim Appointment - Acting Chief Executive Officer