Minutes and Agendas

The agenda and minutes for each Council meeting are published in the table below.  Minutes of the meetings are draft until confirmed at the next meeting of Council.

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Current meeting minutes



Minutes and Agendas from Council Meetings, By Date and Time
Date Time Type Agenda Minutes
13 May 2019 06:00 PM Special Agenda (PDF, 241KB) Minutes (PDF, 3MB)
06 May 2019 06:00 PM Ordinary Agenda (PDF, 228MB) Minutes (PDF, 228MB)
01 Apr 2019 06:00 PM Ordinary Agenda (PDF, 44MB) Minutes (PDF, 45MB)
18 Mar 2019 06:00 PM Ordinary Agenda (PDF, 19MB) Minutes (PDF, 10MB)
04 Feb 2019 06:00 PM Ordinary Agenda (PDF, 70MB) Minutes (PDF, 32MB)
17 Dec 2018 05:00 PM Special Agenda (PDF, 289KB) Minutes (PDF, 353KB)
03 Dec 2018 06:00 PM Ordinary Agenda (PDF, 37MB) Minutes (PDF, 37MB)
05 Nov 2018 06:00 PM Ordinary Agenda (PDF, 57MB) Minutes (PDF, 48MB)
01 Nov 2018 06:00 PM Special Agenda (PDF, 479KB) Minutes (PDF, 556KB)
22 Oct 2018 05:30 PM Special Agenda (PDF, 13MB) Minutes (PDF, 13MB)

Further information or assistance

Council meeting minutes and agendas prior to 2008 are not on our website. Phone the Governance team on 1300 367 700 to view a copy.