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Housebound clients thrown a literary lifeline…

A home library service operates from the Moe Library and sees the hand-picked delivery of books to more than a dozen housebound library members in the district.

Senior Library Officer Jacquie has built an intimate knowledge of the clients so she can anticipate their needs, selecting titles they might like to read or listen to, checking that they haven’t already read the book or choosing works by authors they’ve enjoyed.

“Our housebound clients are elderly with limited mobility and access. We know that for one of our clients, a visually-impaired person, the talking and audio books have been life-changing,” Jacquie says.

John and his team of volunteer drivers from the Moe Lions Club explains that the work is “very rewarding”. It’s a chance to give back to the community and the feeling of satisfaction far outweighs the small expense of time and effort.

“The clients love to chat when we deliver their items. Perhaps for some it is their only social connection that day or week. The service is a lifeline of sorts, a way for those who can’t leave their homes very easily to receive a bundle of novels or e-books just like they might choose, had they been able to browse the shelves in person.”


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