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A lifetime of memories to share

Louis Furnell has lived his whole life in the Latrobe Valley, mainly in Moe. He has worked for the SEC, as a farmer, a motor mechanic and a construction worker. He has been an active member of the community, as a scout master and through ballroom dancing. Louis’ life has been full of ups and downs, from personal tragedies to moments of great family joy and pride.

Illness and injury has sometimes forced him to the sidelines and the isolation of not being as active as he used to be, or relying on others to take him places, began to leave its mark. Louis’ wife, Barbara, found out about the social group at the Moe Library aimed at older men – The Good Old Days Club, and thought it would be perfect for him.

Louis has loved his time with the group. “We talk about what we did back in the day, we share old memories, we have a laugh, we remember people and places and we talk about how the Valley has changed. It’s good to meet others who have had similar experiences. It makes you feel part of the community.

“The library is a great place to visit. It’s a real focus for the community and for me, this club has opened up not just memories, but social connections too,” Louis says. “And it’s a reminder that Moe’s a bloody good place.”

The Good Old Days Club runs the first Tuesday of the month.


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