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Art and craft activities for primary school aged children. Simply download the activity sheet and enjoy!

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Sponge Boats

Make these fun little boats to sail over the summer.

Christmas Bells

These are fun and easy to make bells for your Christmas Tree or above your door.

Christmas Wreaths

These fun little Christmas wreaths make great buttons or pins and are perfect to give as gifts or use as decorations.

Fun Character Flip Book

Have fun matching or mis-matching your characters!

Make your own Lighthouse

Going round the twist and looking for something fun to do? Make your own lighthouse!

Recycled Jigsaw Art

We often lose a piece or two in those 5000 piece jigsaw puzzles. Or maybe we have done them a few times and we’re ready for a change. Don’t throw them out! Recycle!

Egg Carton Garden

If you don’t have much space or want a special indoor project, then this is the one for you….you can even eat the results!


Make these cute peg fairies to visit your fairy garden.

Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens can be made from all sorts of things that you have around the house or in your craft box.

Footy Finals

With the grand final coming up, why not try your hand at these footy-themed activities?

Paddle Pop Stick Box

Make a box to store your treasures. Or make one as a present for somebody, featuring something that is special to them.

String Art

You can make all sorts of cool designs with coloured string or wool. Hang them on your wall or give your creations as a gift.

Forts and Cities

Forts are fun. You can use them as a cubby house inside or outside and have some great adventures. You can build a whole city!

Pencil and Paper Games

Go old school with these simple games.

Homemade Gifts

If you’re looking for a personalised gift for a special person in your family, here are some
ideas of simple things you can make yourself.

Pinball Wizard

Have hours of fun creating and playing your very own pinball machine. 

Planet Cookies

Bake these cookies and make your own solar system!

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