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Library service reopening - what you need to know

Current Library Service Operating Hours (as at 29 June 2020)

Churchill Library

  • Monday to Friday 10am to 4.30pm (closed for cleaning from 12noon to 1pm)

Moe Library

  • Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.15pm (closed for cleaning from 12noon to 1pm)
  • Saturday from 9am to 12noon

Morwell Library

  • Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.15pm (closed for cleaning from 12noon to 1pm)

Traralgon Library

  • Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.15pm (closed for cleaning from 12noon to 1pm)
  • Saturday from 9am to 12noon

Density regulations

To satisfy the government-regulated density rule, from this date there will be 20 people allowed in each branch at any one time, with the exception of Churchill where 9 people are allowed.


We ask that you: 

  • have your membership card ready
  • sanitise your hands on entry
  • practise social distancing 

You may be asked to leave the building should visitor numbers exceed Government-mandated numbers, or if you do not respect these guidelines.

Libraries are home to Maternal and Child Health Services. Patrons using this service will count in the attendance numbers so access to library patrons may be limited on the occasion where appointments are being held, or immunisation clinics are operating.

Library entry 

Booked computer session

You can book a public access computer, in person or by phone:

  • Churchill Library: 5120 3840
  • Moe Library: 5135 8500
  • Morwell Library: 5128 6131
  • Traralgon Library: 5176 3300

You may have to wait for an available slot.

What you can do in the library

  • Use a public computers if you have booked a session
  • Printing: please have documents ready to print, either by copying them to a USB or sending the documents as attachments in an email to yourself (you will have to book a computer session) 
  • Pay Council bills: please have paperwork and payment ready
  • Browse
  • Read, study, work or research
  • Access free WiFi using your own device

What you cannot do in the library

For the time being, you will not be able to:

  • Attend a face to face program, event or activity
  • Read the newspaper or do a puzzle
  • Meet friends or family for socialising
  • Book a meeting room

Services that are continuing

Some of our services will continue through this transition:


Can I come to the library if I’m not a member?

Yes, but our preference is that you join. You can join online, by phone or in person. You will need one form of ID to sign up.

Do you take cash payments?

We accept cash at Moe and Traralgon, but our preference is contactless payment by card. Morwell Library is cashless.

What about cleaning and hygiene?

Patrons are required to sanitise their hands on entering the library. While browsing, please refrain from continually touching the items. We would also ask that parents/carers monitor their children at all times.

We quarantine all returned items for a minimum of 72 hours before they are returned to the shelves.

Between appointments, surfaces and PCs will be wiped clean. During the lunch-time closure, a deeper clean will be undertaken.

Will the Coffee Cart at Moe be operating?

Not for the time being. When restrictions are further eased, the community spaces can open for more social experiences.

Can I just sit and read?

Yes! Our furniture will be spaced accordingly.

Can my whole family visit the library together?

Yes! Just practise good hygiene and be respectful of other people in the library by practising social distancing.


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