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Car Parking Contribution

On 7 April 2016 the Latrobe Planning Scheme Amendment C94 introduced a Parking Overlay in the Traralgon and Morwell Central Business Districts (CBD) and prescribes parking rates and cash-in-lieu contributions as relevant. The amendment implements the recommendations of the Latrobe City Council Car Parking Framework Review Traralgon & Morwell August 2014 as a reference document. The Parking Overlay is identified in the Latrobe Planning Scheme as Clause 45.09 which operates in conjunction with Clause 52.06.

The Parking Overlay ensures that if a planning permit applicant cannot meet their car parking requirements, there will be a cash-in-lieu requirement, which is a mechanism for Council to collect cash-in-lieu contributions for car parking in Traralgon that is to be held in a ‘car parking fund’. The fund is to be spent on car parking improvements around the Traralgon CBD, including construction of new car parking facilities and improving existing facilities to encourage higher use. The Parking Overlay cash-in-lieu requirements ensure the cost of this new car parking is shared fairly between ratepayers and businesses within Traralgon’s CBD.

There is no cash-in-lieu requirement for Morwell as it is not considered appropriate at this time, as the activity centre is already experiencing high vacancy rates and competing retail facilities at Mid Valley and surrounding main towns. Close monitoring of the competitiveness of Morwell’s CBD is required and it is expected that a cash-in-lieu contribution in Morwell can be revisited at an appropriate time in the future.

Existing businesses will only be affected by the Parking Overlay if a Planning Permit is required for a new use and development or an expansion in either floor size or use.

What is the cash-in-lieu contribution amount?

The below car parking cash-in-lieu contribution amount is updated each year on 1 July with increases in the Building Price Index:

  • $9,265 per space (adjusted 1 July 2020)

This contribution is only payable for Traralgon CBD Planning Permit applications where the parking requirements cannot be met.

Any contribution required will be conditioned as part of any Planning Permit issued.

Where does the Parking Overlay apply in Latrobe City?

Currently, this overlay applies to the Traralgon and Morwell CBD as shown in the maps below:

More Information

For further information, please contact Regional City Planning on 1300 367 700 and ask to speak to one of our planners.

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