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Building Advice And Help

  • Property Information

    If you are planning alterations or extensions to your home it may help to have a copy of the original drawings. If you would like a copy of your building plans, building permit, occupancy permit or certificate of final inspection, please complete the Request for Building File Information form. 

  • Report and Consent

    Your building surveyor may need our consent to vary certain aspects of the Building Regulations prior to issuing a building permit. This generally relates to the siting of domestic buildings and structures on residential land where a planning permit is not required.

  • Essential Safety Measure Compliance

    Most public, commercial and industrial buildings incorporate systems to enhance life safety and asset protection in the event of an emergency.Building owners are responsible to ensure that all the essential safety measures incorporated in their building.

  • Pools and Spas

    The new regulations aim to reduce incidences of young children drowning in private swimming pools and spas by improving safety barrier requirement compliance.

  • Accessible Building

    Accessible Housing Design can ensure our comfort and safety now and in the future for little or no initial extra cost, and avoid the cost of renovating or relocating.

  • Standard Design Drawings

    Latrobe City Council have adopted the Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM) for subdivisional developments, this also includes the IDM standard drawings. For further information, please contact Latrobe City Council on 1300 367 700.

  • Fencing

    A building permit is required for some fences, you must notify neighbours of a change and may also apply for half price fencing when it adjoins council property.

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