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Online Author Talk: Motherling with Jen Hutchison


Jen Hutchison presents her memoir 'Motherling': a tale of love, laughter, and a pathway from tears to calm.


Motherling addresses every parent of an adult child’s nightmare. You’ve made it. Your child is grown up. He’s got a great job, living a full and happy life overseas. You don’t have to worry about him like you did when he was young. And then a call from halfway across the world. Something terrible has happened ...

Until now, there has been no word for a mother who has lost her child. This is is a story of finding and healing yourself after that unspeakable loss, healing through walking and taking what life throws at you, one step at a time.

About Jen

Jen Hutchison established Journeys to Words Publishing in 2018 and launched in mid-2019. She’s fulfilling a life-long dream – to write, to be amongst writers and to reach out to readers.

Journeys to Words Publishing is focused on the work of mature-age writers. As the result of her studies for a Master in Writing and Publishing, Jen is a professional editor with a passion for helping writers be the best they can be, developing their craft and aiming for the stars. She’s an articulate and practiced speaker and mentor.



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