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Household and Hard Waste Disposal

Household Waste 

General household rubbish can be taken to any Latrobe City Council Transfer Station

Green and Garden Waste can be taken to any Latrobe City Council Green Waste Facility.

Not accepted at any transfer station:

Accepted at any transfer station

Accepted at Morwell only

How much will it cost?

General household rubbish disposal fees depends on the size of trailer or vehicle. Other items may attract individual fees, be free to dispose of, or may not be accepted for disposal.

Wheelie Bin

  • full 240lt wheelie bin $7.00

Sedans and Station Wagons

  • With rear seat up; $14.50
  • With rear seat down; $18.50


Up to 1.5m long

  • $21.50 - height 30cm
  • $33 - heaped to 60cm

Over 1.5m long

  • $29 - height 30cm,
  • $41 - heaped to 60cm

Single Axle Trailers

Up to 1.8m length

  • $27 - height to 30 cm
  • $35 - heaped, height to 60cm
  • $51 - boxed height to 90 cm

Over 1.8m and up to 2.75m length

  • $35 - height to 30 cm
  • $53 - heaped, height to 60 cm
  • $82 - boxed height to 90 cm

Tandem trailers

OVER 2.75m - 3.75m length

  • $56 - height to 30 cm
  • $96 - heaped, height to 60 cm
  • $132.50 - boxed,  height to 90 cm


  • Under 4.5 tonne GVM, with weighbridge docket; $253 tonne
  • Up to 4.5 tonne GVM, $330

General heavy waste

i.e. building, demolition or renovation waste; $120m3

Hard and green waste coupons

The 'No-charge drop-off weekends' have been replaced with coupons.

The Hard and Green Waste Coupons will allow for up to one cubic metre of acceptable hard or green waste - per coupon. You can also redeem two coupons for Booked hard Waste Collection.

If you are eligible for these coupons you will receive them with your rate notice.

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