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Foil Back Program

The ‘Foil Back’ program recycles used hair colour foils and hair colour tubes from hairdressing salons (on premise or from home).

Latrobe City Council provide bags to collect the foil and tubes. Full bags can be placed in to your normal recycling bin for collection. The bags can be easily identified and recycled with other aluminium products.

What do you have to do

  1. Collect free orange mesh bags from any Latrobe City Council service centre or library.
  2. Place foil products in orange mesh bags. Washing isn't needed, colour tubes should be completely empty.
  3. Place orange mesh bag filled with foil products in your recycling bin for fortnightly pick up.

Program benefits

The foil back program will provide various benefits to our community.

Benefits of recycling foil products:

  • Reduction in landfill
  • More space in your garbage bin
  • Environmentally friendly (recycled aluminium uses 95% less energy than creating new aluminium)
  • Reduces water use (large amounts of water is used to create new aluminium)
  • Aluminium can be recycled over and over again without losing any valuable properties or degrading the quality
  • Recycling one kilogram of aluminium foil saves 20 kilograms of greenhouse gases entering our atmosphere.

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