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Carer’s Recognition Act

The Carer’s Recognition Act 2012 recognises people in care relationships, and supports the role of carers in the community.  This Act is supported by the Victorian charter supporting people in care relationships and the Latrobe City Council.

From 1 July 2012, Victoria has new legislation that recognises, promotes and values the role of carers.  The Carer’s Recognition Act 2012 formally acknowledges the important contribution that people in care relationships make to our community and the unique knowledge that carers hold of the person in their care.

The Act defines a carer as someone who provides care to another person, and includes carers under the age of 18, situations where a person is being care for in a foster, kinship or permanent care arrangement.  Carers can provide care for a person who:

  • has a disability
  • has a mental illness
  • has an ongoing medical condition or
  • is an older person with care needs

The related documents below provide further information for carers and people in care relationships.

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