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Have Your Say on Draft Governance Rules

Section 60 of the 2020 Act requires councils to develop, adopt and keep in force Governance Rules in relation to conduct of Council and Delegated Committee meetings, form and availability of meeting records, election of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, appointment of an Acting Mayor, an Election Period Policy and disclosure of conflicts of interest.

Council adopted its current Governance Rules on 7 September 2020. Those Rules have been reviewed and amendments are proposed as a result. Amendments are designed to provide clarification on various aspects of meeting procedure.

Council’s Election Period Policy, which forms part of the Governance Rules has not been included in this review.

Council has also proposed amendments to Local Law No.1 - Meeting Conduct Local Law, which sits alongside the Governance Rules. This is subject to a separate consultation and public notice process.

The draft Governance Rules will be placed on Council’s website to enable any interested community members the opportunity to provide comments. These comments will be considered in the preparation of the final document that will be presented to Council for adoption at a future Council Meeting.

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