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Development Of The Gippsland Logistic Precinct

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Brief Specification


Latrobe City Council is seeking Expressions of Interest from interested parties who wish to lease or purchase lots at the Gippsland Logistic Precinct(GLP) – Investment and Employment in Morwell. This Expression of Interest is open to an individual business/company or businesses/companies acting in a joint venture.

The GLP Investment and Employment Precinct is a precinct for the manufacturing of goods or provision of services. The GLP will seek to attract investment and industry to the Gippsland region.

The site is made up of two distinct but integrated components:

  • A 7.6 hectare site (zoned Public Use Zone 4 within the Latrobe Planning Scheme) immediately adjacent to the main Gippsland rail line between Princes Freeway and Tramway Road, Morwell known as the Gippsland Intermodal Freight Terminal.

  • A 69 hectare area of land (zoned Industrial 1 Zone within the Latrobe Planning Scheme) immediately adjacent to the Gippsland Intermodal Freight Terminal and also located between the Princes Freeway and Tramway Road, Morwell behind Mid Valley commercial Centre.

A detailed plan of the precinct is attached (see below).

This expression of interest is for the first stage of the GLP development, stage 1A, which includes lots 1 and 2. Should interested parties have a preference for a lot in a different stage of the development, please continue to complete this Expressions of Interest to register your interest and note the lot number of interest.

Selection Process

Interested organisations need to register their interest in applying for a lot on the GLP site including site purchase or lease request and any elements of a staged development.

Latrobe City Council will acknowledge receipt of your Expression of Interest. Once the process has closed all applications will be assessed by Council officers against a selection criteria being:

  • Proposed Development

    • Land requirement, infrastructure needs and purchase or lease requirements

    • Industry Sector

    • Investment value

    • Employment

    • Staged development - process and indication of stages

  • Financial offer to purchase or lease the nominated site

  • Proposed Operations (capability, qualifications and relevant experience);

  • Economic Contribution to the Latrobe Valley

  • The proposal is consistent with relevant planning policy and strategic vision for the subject land

Please note that it may take 6 to 8 weeks for applications to be assessed.

Information and Conditions For Submission

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