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Adopted by Council on 7 February 2011

Policy Goals  

The goal of this policy is to contribute to the control, reduction and elimination of weeds in Latrobe City through Council operations, working cooperatively with agencies and others, and facilitating the community to take action.    Listed noxious weeds are recognised as the priority but this policy also applies to those other species of non-native or not locally indigenous plants having detrimental, or potentially detrimental, effects on the economy and environment of Latrobe City.     

Policy Implementation  

It is Latrobe City Council’s policy to:  

  1. Seek to prevent the spread of weeds as a priority.  
  2. Take steps to reduce the spread of weeds during works by Council staff and contractors, on machinery or in materials such as topsoil moved, dumped or stockpiled on Council managed land.  
  3. Control wherever practical weed infestations on land under Council management, as required by State legislation.    Not use in its plantings species that are or may become significant environmental or agricultural weeds.  
  4. Encourage weed control through changes in land management as a priority. 
  5. Support the use of mechanical means of control where practical.  
  6. Where chemical control is necessary, encourage the correct use of herbicides and the use of the minimum amount necessary, and discourage the use of herbicides known or suspected to have damaging effects on human health and the environment.  This will reduce undesirable effects and the risks of weeds developing herbicide resistance.  
  7. Require all Council staff paid or unpaid to hold a current Agricultural Chemical User’s Permit when applying herbicide on Council owned or managed land, and require all Council contractors to have a Commercial Operators Licence as required by legislation and all their staff applying herbicide on Council owned or managed land to hold a current Agricultural Chemical User’s Permit.  
  8. Work cooperatively with other agencies including the Department of Primary Industries, the Department of Sustainability and Environment, the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority, the Environmental Protection Authority and Gippsland Water on weeds initiatives.  
  9. Provide information to the community on weeds and their control, encourage community compliance with relevant legislation and government policies.              

This policy has been reviewed after giving proper consideration to all the rights contained within the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006; and any reasonable limitation to human rights can be demonstrably justified.

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