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Biodiversity and Natural Vegetation Policy

Adopted by Council 7 February 2011

Policy Goals

The goals of this Policy are to protect Latrobe City’s biological diversity and maintain ecological processes and systems, by protecting, enhancing and, where appropriate, restoring native vegetation (including flora and fauna habitat requirements) to conserve biodiversity, protect river water quality and conserve soil resources, including on private land managed for agriculture, forestry and urban development; and to enhance the protection and management of nature conservation values, both inside and outside areas protected under legislation.

Policy Implementation

It is the policy of Latrobe City to seek to maintain and enhance biodiversity within the municipality, and in particular to:

  • seek to protect biodiversity and native vegetation assets of state and national significance, including native vegetation classified as Endangered or Vulnerable in the bioregion,
  • seek the retention and enhancement of remnant native vegetation for the conservation of biodiversity, and particularly the larger and better quality patches,
  • encourage the maintenance and enhancement of remaining native vegetation as a priority,
  • support revegetation or regeneration as an important but lower priority, to extend, enhance or connect remnant native vegetation,
  • encourage biodiversity conservation in both rural and urban landscapes and across all land tenures,
  • achieve a reversal within the municipality of the long-term decline in the extent and quality of native vegetation and biodiversity, leading to a net gain,
  • encourage landholders to pursue a target of 30% of native vegetation across the landscape as a critical threshold for biodiversity conservation.

This policy has been reviewed after giving proper consideration to all the rights contained within the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006; and any reasonable limitation to human rights can be demonstrably justified.

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