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Council Meeting Wrap

Here’s a summary of the key decisions that were made at Council’s 6 June 2022 meeting. For more details, read a copy of the meeting minutes here.

2022/23 Budget (including Fees & Charges)

Council adopted the 2022/23 Budget (including Fees & Charges) following an exhibition period.

Appointment of Independent Members to Audit & Risk Committee

Council noted the advertising process for applicants to the Audit and Risk Committee, followed by a  competitive selection process with input from the current independent Chair, Audit and Risk Committee.

Council appointed two new independent members to the Committee, replacing outgoing members who have reached their maximum term with the following staggered terms:

• David Kortum for three years with an opportunity for renewal under the Charter; and

• John Purcell for two and a half years with an opportunity for renewal under the Charter.

Latrobe City Asset Plan 2022-2032

Council adopted the Latrobe City Asset Plan 2022-2032.

Proposed Planning Scheme Amendment - North of Baldwin Road, Traralgon

Council resolved to request authorisation from the Minister for Planning to prepare and exhibit Amendment C138 to the Latrobe Planning Scheme, in accordance with section 8A of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 once the following information has been submitted and approved:

a. Preliminary Risk Screen Assessment or another document agreed to by the EPA in accordance with Planning Practice Note 30; and

b. An updated buffer analysis in the Rezoning Report in accordance with the EPA requirements.

2. Prepare Amendment C138 to the Latrobe Planning Scheme to rezone part of land north of Baldwin Road, Traralgon from Farming Zone to General Residential Zone Schedule 3, insert and apply Development Plan Overlay Schedule 11 and make minor administrative changes to the Housing Framework Plan and Traralgon Structure Plan, generally in accordance with the documentation provided at Attachment 2, subject to Ministerial Authorisation; and

3. Place Amendment C138 on exhibition in accordance with the requirements of section 19 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987, subject to Ministerial Authorisation.

Amendment to the Waterloo Road Development Plan

Council endorsed the amendment to the Waterloo Road Development Plan and resolved to notify submitters, in writing, of Council's decision.

Amendment C133, 5 Parer Ave, Moe - Consideration of Submissions

Council resolved to endorse the officer's response to the issues raised by the submissions noted in the report relating to Amendment C133 and Permit Application 2022/17.

Council adopted Amendment C133 without any post exhibition changes, in accordance with section 29 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Council determined to recommend to the Minister for Planning that the proposed Planning Permit 2022/17 be granted with one administrative change as outlined in the report in accordance section 96G of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Amendment C133 will be submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval, in accordance with section 31 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 with the recommendation to grant proposed Planning Permit 2022/17, in accordance with section 96H of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Council will advise those who made written submissions to Amendment C133 and / or Permit Application 2022/17 of Council’s decision.

Road Register Status - Government Road Jeeralang North and Barktown Road Boolarra

Council noted the correspondence received from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) regarding Latrobe City’s request for increased maintenance of the road.

Council requests that the Mayor write to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change requesting that Government Road, Jeeralang North and the western end of Barktown Road, Boolarra be maintained by DELWP to an improved standard.

Review of Latrobe City Council Participation in One Gippsland

Council noted a report reviewing the operations of One Gippsland and the value provided by One Gippsland to Latrobe City Council.

Media Policy 2022-2025

Council endorsed the Media Policy 2022-2025.

Centre for Australian Automotive Futures

Council resolved to proceed with the business case for the Centre for Australian Automotive Futures.

Tourism & Major Events Recommendation: ProWrestling Event

Council adopted the recommendation of the Tourism & Major Events Advisory Committee to authorise officers to enter into an agreement to fund the National Wrestling Alliance Australian Challenge for $20,000 through the Major Events Attraction budget (2022/23) allocation.

‘End of Life’ care in Latrobe Valley

Council noted a report highlighting the need for improvements to 'End of Life' care in Latrobe City.

Council will continue to support and advocate for improvements to ‘End of Life’ care by consistently participating in relevant networks and forums, and ensuring any challenges or achievements are reported through the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan.

Proposed Long Term Lease - Monash Reserve, Newborough

Council resolved to give public notice of its intention to enter into a long-term lease agreement with the Country Fire Authority for part of Monash Reserve, Newborough.

Council will invites comment on the proposal in accordance with section 116 of the Local Government Act 2020. Any submissions received opposing the proposed long-term lease agreement will be considered at a future Council meeting.

If no submissions opposed to the proposed long-term lease are received, Council authorises the Chief Executive Officer to do all things necessary to enter into the said lease.

Proposed sale of Hazelwood House, 59-91 Philip Parade, Churchill

Council resolved to sell the building known as Hazelwood House at 59-91 Philip Parade and its surrounds being the land described as Lot 5 on PS 309824 contained in Certificate of Title Volume 10351 Folio 487 (together “Hazelwood House”) by private treaty to Quantum Support Services Inc (“Quantum”), following an Expressions of Interest process which received two submissions.

Council will give public notice of the proposed sale and invite public comment on the proposal.

Any submissions received that are opposed to the proposed sale of Hazelwood House will be considered at a future Council meeting. If no submissions opposed to the proposed sale of Hazelwood House are received, Council authorises the Chief Executive Officer to do all things necessary to sell Hazelwood House to Quantum at no less than the current market value as assessed by independent valuation. Subject to restricting the future use of Hazelwood House to a facility for supported youth of the Gippsland region.

Churchill Town Symbol

Council noted the request of the Churchill and District Community Association that Council formally adopts the name Churchill Town Symbol for the structure in the middle of Churchill.

Council adopted the name, as per the request and authorised the Chief Executive Officer, on behalf of Council, to submit the name Churchill Town Symbol to the Victorian Registrar of Geographic Names for registration as a place name and to do all things required in support of such application.


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