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Neighbourhood Navigator

Latrobe City Council is pleased to announce the launch of Neighbourhood Navigator.  Neighbourhood Navigator is an online public interactive map which can be accessed through the Council website at
This online map informs community members of services, facilities, planning and zoning information. Emergency management information is included to assist with preparations for the upcoming fire season as well as accurate information and location of various services across the municipality.
Latrobe City Council hopes residents and visitors will utilise this online map for accessing information in relation to their properties and other Council Services in the future. Any residents wishing to use the online map but who do not have access to the internet can visit Latrobe City Council Libraries or Service Centres to gain access.
This free to use service will be a helpful tool for future development of the region as the map provides accurate zoning and related information for potential planning. Latrobe City will continue to maintain and update the features as time goes on to ensure accuracy and currency of data into the future.

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