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Strength-Led Transition

There is no doubt the economy of the Latrobe Valley is changing. Council believes the community’s desire to drive a successful transition must be supported by all levels of government. Here are our key asks.

Improve our rail

Better rail connects community to jobs

Gippsland rail services are the slowest and most unreliable in Victoria. There have been no significant upgrades to Gippsland rail infrastructure since 2005/06.

Latrobe City requires:

  • Improved service reliability, frequency and less overcrowding
  • A technical study to add capacity on the Dandenong Rail Corridor — $1.5 million over two years
  • Implementation of capacity building project for Dandenong Corridor — $1.5 billion over five years
  • Other regional infrastructure - $500 million

Expand our hospital

Redeveloping LRH will provide skilled employment and additional health services

As the largest employer in Latrobe City the continued development of the Latrobe Regional Hospital is important to the regional economy.

Estimated cost: completion of all stages $300 million

  • The next stage of the hospital’s development will support increased employment and additional services.
  • Federation University will commence the operation of its Allied Health School program in 2019.
  • This, combined with its nursing school, will provide local training for the community to service this expanded facility.

Relocate a Victorian Government Department

Moving government agencies to Latrobe City equals jobs

Latrobe City Council has advocated to the State Government to relocate at least 700 public service roles to the Latrobe Valley including:

  • Earth Resources and Energy Agency
  • Environmental Protection Authority
  • Consumer Affairs Victoria (due to the co-location with the Federal Department of ASIC).
  • ‘CSIRO—Brown Coal Innovation’ facility to explore, examine and consider alternative uses of brown coal

Keep our power generation

Secure Victoria’s energy future in Latrobe City

Victoria has enjoyed power generation from the Latrobe Valley for decades through our brown coal resources and, as such we would consider the Valley home to power generation for Victoria. 

  • A declaration from the state and federal governments to build a new power station is an important opportunity for Latrobe and Victorian industry more broadly.
  • New technologies, such as carbon capture storage, mean we can continue to utilise our abundant natural resources and not increase our emissions.
  • A new power station would create long term sustainable jobs, provide a future for our young people and hope for the community.

Royalties for Coal

Secure a portion of coal royalties to divert to job growth in Latrobe City

Latrobe City Council is calling on the State Government to commence the immediate establishment of a Brown Coal Royalties Investment Fund for the Latrobe City.

  • Focus on securing a fair and equitable portion of the royalties earnt from mining activity in this community for the future security of our community.
  • A dedicated fund could serve as a catalyst to many employment and economic innovation opportunities.
  • We support the utilisation of our plentiful coal deposit, in exchange for returning the royalties to support a just transition.

Other projects

Diversified bio refinery project

The Australian Paper-proposed integrated bioproducts mill will install a new ‘waste to energy’ boiler system with a capacity of 350,000 tonnes of urban waste each year. 

High tech precinct

The precinct will bring industry and education together to advance research and development; to provide innovative solutions to product development and further education. Estimated cost: $15 million. FUNDED.

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