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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

COVIDSafe Settings

From 11:59pm Friday 26 February 2021

Note: Cleaning, signage, record keeping, and other COVIDSafe requirements continue to apply for all venues and facilities with onsite operations as per Workplace Directions. The Density Quotient applies to all venues and spaces that are accessible to the public (and in closed workplaces, to shared spaces such as lunchrooms)

Leave home

No restriction on reasons to leave home but stay safe.

  • Public gatherings: Up to 100 people can gather in public from any number of households, infants under 12 months are not included in the cap.

  • Visitors to the home: Up to 30 visitors can visit a home in a day (infants under 12 months are not counted in the cap). Visitors may be from any number of households and may visit either together or separately. Front and backyards are considered part of the home

Face masks

Must be carried at all times.

Mandatory when inside retail stores where the indoor space is 2,000 square metres
or more such as shopping centres, retail stores inside shopping centres, department stores, electronics stores, furniture
stores, hardware stores or supermarkets, when travelling on public transport or when travelling in a commercial passenger
vehicle or tour vehicle, when visiting a hospital, when visiting or working in a care facility (unless a lawful exemption applies).

A person who is awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 must wear a face

Any person diagnosed or suspected of having COVID-19, or who is a close contact of someone diagnosed with COVID-19, must wear a face covering if leaving home/accommodation for a permitted reason, such as medical care.

For more information on masks please visit the DHHS website.

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

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