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“Racism. It stops with me” campaign.

Latrobe City Council is proud to have joined forces with some of Australia’s leading businesses, sporting bodies and NGO’s to support the “Racism. It stops with me” campaign.

Our organisation has committed to preventing racism by pledging to undertake activities over the next three years in support of the campaign.

While cultural diversity is central to our national identity, the reality is that too many Australians experience racism, prejudice and discrimination on a regular basis. Racism locks people out of social and economic opportunities. It costs workplaces and our economy and it works against our goal of building fair, inclusive communities.

Racism can take many forms, such as jokes or comments that cause offence or hurt, sometimes unintentionally; name-calling or verbal abuse; harassment or intimidation, or commentary in the media or online that inflames hostility towards certain groups.

At its most serious, racism can result in acts of physical abuse and violence.

Racism can directly or indirectly exclude people from accessing services or participating in employment, education, sport and social activities.

It can also occur at a systemic or institutional level through policies, conditions or practices that disadvantage certain groups.

It often manifests through unconscious bias or prejudice.

More than 1 in 20 Australians say they have been physically attacked because of their race.

On a structural level, racism serves to perpetuate inequalities in access to power, resources and opportunities across racial and ethnic groups.

The belief that a particular race or ethnicity is inferior or superior to others is sometimes used to justify such inequalities.

For more information about the campaign go to the It stops with me website and follow the campaign on Twitter @ItStopsWithMe.

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