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Aisha Alim

Aisha Alim is an empowerment coach, speaker, consultant, mentor, facilitator and now a published author. She is a mother and a former primary school teacher with a Diploma and Bachelor’s degree. In 2017 she turned her attention specifically to life coaching and facilitating adult workshops, with a passion in helping people find their purpose, overcome fear and developing confidence. She takes a very balanced view of things and believes true authenticity comes from experience and a willingness to learn.

It’s All Within You Are you wanting to feel more self-confident and empowered? Do you long to be free from the grip of fear and negative self-talk, but don’t know how? Then this book is for you! Written in everyday, easy to understand language, It’s All Within You is powerful enough to change the life of anyone wanting to create positive change. If you long for a life full of happiness, contentment and satisfaction that is purposeful and meaningful, implementing these proven coaching tools will help transform your life. Packed full of explanations, practical examples, case studies and questions to answer, this book is not just a book for building confidence, it’s a book for life.

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