Internet Access Conditions

Users of the internet must follow the directions of Library staff

Use of the internet is a privilege not a right

User responsibility

Users should be aware of the "Terms and Conditions of Use" document on display near each work station. This provides detailed information about conditions of use and a broad overview of copyright legislation.

Users must not:

  • use the Internet for the display or distribution of material that is pornographic, obscene, in bad taste or which may be found offensive.
  • use the Internet for the display or distribution of any material that may incite hatred or violence.
  • use the Internet for any illegal act or relating to any illegal act.
  • make any changes to the setup or configuration of the computers, this includes the loading of software applications including games and CD-ROMs.

User must comply with all relevant legislation relating to internet usage as well as copyright laws, and licensing agreements.

Complaints regarding breaches of the policy should be addressed to the circulation desk staff.


  • Users who are not at the computer within ten minutes of the booked time may have their booking cancelled.
  • Access to each PC is limited to a maximum of 2 people per session.

Access for children under the age of 16

Parents/Guardians are responsible for any use of the Internet and/or email by their children and for any sites which may be accessed. The Library does not provide filtering software.
The library does not have any control over the information accessible on the Internet. Some Internet sources may contain material which is inaccurate or which may cause offence to some people. The library does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of information on the Internet or for any consequences, which may arise from the use of that information.
Parents and guardians who wish to limit or restrict access by their children should personally oversee their use of the Internet and other forms of electronic information. Library staff are available to assist with children's information needs but the library does not accept responsibility for determining what they should access.

Privacy of information

The Library takes no responsibility for the security of personal or any other information that users may choose to place on the internet - for example, through internet banking, use of websites such as Ebay or by filling out any forms on the internet.
For information on the privacy of information collected by the Library from users to allow access to the Library's internet services, please refer to the Latrobe City Council's Privacy Policy and Privacy Statement for further information.



Breaches of library policy will result in:
In the first instance, a verbal explanation of the policy, its rationale and the procedures to be undertaken when it is breached.
In the second instance, a written warning, detailing the nature of the breach, the time it occurred and procedures to be undertaken.
In the third instance, written notification of withdrawal of access to the Internet service.