Movers and Shakers

Latrobe Leisure is excited to announce that we have a 6 week trial of Movers and Shakers commencing 7 January, 2019.

These classes are specifically designed for mums and children aged 2-5 years to keep them active whilst still having fun.

Key details

- Start date is 7 January, 2019 at 9:30am at Latrobe Leisure Churchill.

- Price is $5.00 per session.

- The classes will be held in the group fitness room or in the stadium at Latrobe Leisure Churchill (dependant on numbers)

- This class is only gender exclusive whist we have teamed up with #GippyGirlsCan, once the trial period is over if we continue it will be open for dads as well.

So if you're a mum, auntie or grandmother , Latrobe Leisure welcomes you to come along and enjoy a rewarding and fun experience that can help you regain lost fitness whilst spending valuable time with your little ones. You also get to meet other parents and their children!