1 night of three one-act plays performed by MOARTZ in collaboration with YNAG

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Monash Hall, Reserve Street, Yallourn North, VIC, Australia

How Much

adult:$10. Conc: $7. Family:$15


YNAG in collaboration with MOARTZ

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Margaret Gaulton  on 0419 346 581

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0419 346 581


0419 346 581




Play 1. The Dumb Waiter by Harold Pinter.
Director - John Molden
Cast -
Ben - Todd Miller
Gus - Daniel Ritchie

Two hitmen are in a room waiting for their target. As they sit there waiting and discussing random things, all of a sudden weird things begin to happen as a dumb waiter at the back of the room is activated and is now it is asking for orders. It appears things are not what they seem. (55mins)

Play 2. A Pair of Lunatics by W.R.Walkes

Cast -
He - John Molden
She - Annie Broad

He and She meet for the first time in a lunatic asylum and each mistakes the other for an inmate.(15mins)

Play 3. A Civil Marriage by Robert Tanitch
Director - Esther White
Cast -
Mr. Marigold: John Black
Mr. Clapham: Carl Hood
Tony: Andrew Dove
Clare: Erin Jessep
Mrs. Collinson: Kathy Ross
Marcia: Rachel O’Dwyer
John: Corey Bruerton

The play is set in the United Kingdom, in a registrar's office in the '60s. A young couple come with their family and friends to be perfunctorily married by a bored registrar and his misogynistic assistant. The result is a study in suburban customs which is nothing short of hilarious. (30mins)