Hard Waste Fees

Key - Trailers

Waterline - trailer filled level

Waterline - trailer filled level

Heaped - Trailer heaped above level

Heaped - trailer headped above level

Boxed - trailer fitted with cage

Boxed - trailer fitted with cage

Transfer Station Contact info

For information about locations and hours of operation see our Waste Facilities page

Free disposal at all transfer stations

  • National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme. Televisions, monitors, computers/hard drives, laptops/PDA’s/tablets, printers, power supplies, adaptors, etc
  • Recyclables, white goods, scrap steel, car batteries and domestic quantities of motor oils

Free at Morwell transfer station only

  • Fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent globes, domestic quantities of paint and car bodies without tyres. Clean drumMUSTER eligible farm and veterinary chemical containers by appointment 0418 260 466

Not accepted at transfer stations

  • Concrete, bricks and rubble. The following commercial businesses accept these products: Dasma – Tramway Road, Morwell, telephone 5134 1455 and Gippsland Concrete Recycling – Rocla Road, Traralgon, telephone 5176 6100.
  • Farm and veterinary chemicals – contact ChemClear for bookings and collections
  • Trucks over 4.5 tonnes GVM, green waste, ammunition, tyres or rims larger than light truck or 4WD, paint from commercial painters and decorators
  • Chemicals – For collection details please visit www.sustainability.vic.gov.au/detoxyourhome
  • Asbestos, fibreglass, insulation – call Latrobe City Council on 1300 367 700 for details 


  • Sedans and station wagons, with rear eat up; $10
  • Sedans and station wagons with rear seat up, with rear seat down; $14


  • up to waterline, height 30 cm, up to 1.8 metres long; $14
  • up to waterline, height 30cm, over 1.8m long; $25
  • heaped over waterline, height to 60cm up to 1.8m long; $20
  • heaped over waterline, height to 60 cm over 1.8m long; $30

Single axle trailers

  • up to waterline, length to 1.8 m, height to 30 cm; $27
  • up to waterline, length to 2.75 m, height to 30 cm; $27
  • heaped i.e over waterline, length to 1.8m, height to 60cm; $27
  • heaped i.e. over waterline, length to 2.75 m, height to 60 cm; $38
  • boxed, length to 1.8 m, height to 90 cm; $38
  • boxed, length to 2.75 m, height to 90 cm; $60

Tandem trailers

  • up to waterline, length to 2.75 m, height to 30 cm; $27
  • up to waterline, length to 3.75 m, height to 30 cm; $42
  • heaped, length to 2.75m, height to 60 cm; $43
  • heaped, length to 3.75m, height to 60 cm; $76
  • boxed, length to 2.75 m, height to 90 cm; $79
  • boxed, length to 3.75 m, height to 90 cm; $107


  • under 4.5t GVM, with weighbridge docket; $163.75 tonne
  • General heavy waste i.e. building, demolition or renovation waste; $100 m3

Individual Items

  • Tyres, car or motorcycle; $5 each
  • Tyres, light truck or 4WD; $10 each
  • Tyres on rims, car $10; each
  • Tyres on rims, light truck or 4WD; $20 each
  • Electrical small goods, i.e. DVDs, video, game consoles, hifi, etc; $5.10 each
  • E-waste i.e. monitors, televisions, computer hard-drives, mouse, key boards, laptops, notebooks, tablets, printers, power supplies, adaptors & UPS, etc; Free
  • Small items i.e. 240L wheelie bin, up to 3 kitchen or dining chairs, up to 3 stools; $5.10 each
  • Medium items i.e. up to 2 lounge chairs, 2 seat sofas, small cupboards up to 1.3m x 0.6m x 1.2m; $12 each
  • Large items i.e. 3 seat sofas, large cupboards up to 2.5m x 0.7m x 1.6m; $20 each
  • Mattresses, single $12.30 each Mattresses, double, queen or king; $18.50 each
  • Domestic Waste Card, contact Latrobe City 1300 367 700
    Available to residents who do not receive the Council kerbside collection service.$179.40 per annum


Operator: Latrobe City Council

Phone: 0400 506 474

Payment facilities: cheque or account

Commercial operators or by appointment only

  • General waste; $163.75 tonne
  • Clean fill, by prior arrangement and if required; $41.25 tonne
  • Dead animals, 30 kg max; $12.80 each or $13.10 per bag
  • Domestic asbestos from Latrobe City residents 1m3 max, with receipt; $40 per m3
  • Domestic asbestos from non Latrobe City residents 120kg max, with receipt; $40 per 20kg package
  • Commercial asbestos, emergency situation; not accepted
  • Domestic insulation/synthetic mineral fibre in clear bags, with receipt; $30 per m3

Not accepted

  • Synthetic mineral fibre, concrete, dead farm animals, recyclables, green waste
  • Commerical quanities of insulation/synthetic mineral fibre